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Jan 13, 2010 12:42 PM

Not your average joe's norwell

OK, so I drive by this place fairly often and I ahve searched chowhound for reviews and I can't find a single thing....has anyone eaten here? Is it decent and if so, what is good to order?

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  1. Have not tried that particular one, but they are a local chain with reasonable food and good value (and very child friendly). I like the chicken oscar and most of the pizzas. My wife likes the steak tips. Good bread with garlic/oil to start. Portion sizes are quite large, generally only get an entree and almost always have leftovers.

    1. I have not been to that one but to a few others. I find it to be very average or below. Sort of like the quality of the 99 with nicer decor and higher prices. Service always seems to stink at all of them too.

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        I wasn't going to post about my recent NYAJ's experience (with my partner and my little Korean parents) but I have to say, we stopped into the Arlington location one Sunday afternoon after an open house in Arlington and during a Pats game and had a nice experience. We got a table smack-dab in front of a TV with the game on. We were all starving and we got attentive service and perfectly edible food (which we found out is made-to-order...great if you have any food allergies, which none of us do). The four of us were happy and full. Dishes ordered that day elude me but hell, it was good enough for that effing cold December Sunday afternoon with your 'rents in tow. Honestly, I just wanted to defend the service during off-hour more than anything. Maybe things are different during prime time. We saw a lot of kids/strollers....welcome to the 'burbs!

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          Can't speak to this specific location but have been to the Randolph, Arlington and Station Landing ones -- a few dishes are standouts (teriyaki cranberry glazed butternut squash pasta or pizza, or the mustard-crusted chicken), but the service is almost always WEIRD. I've had a waitress ask me if I was single while I was on a date at the restaurant, and another who brought a massive platter of Mountain Dews when the table had ordered two diet Pepsis and one iced tea and apologize far too profusely for it. I wonder about their training program -- everyone there seems a bit out of it and forcibly friendly.

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            NYAJ is way better than 99. It is very allergy friendly in a good way, and greets family outings with a wide smile. Service is as kbarry suggests, a bit off. Their spaces are very comfortable. Bottom line IMHO? More chains should take a page from this place and up their game. Rather respectable, all things considered.

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              Agreed on the totally weird service, and my experience is with the Arlington NYAJ. The steak tips are decent, and I like the salad with goat cheese.

          2. We used to have one in Lexington and it closed because the rent was too high. It was generally a pleasant experience. I guess the nicest thing we can say is that sometimes we want to go back there and get a little sorry that it has closed. But then our ambition doesn't last long enough to get us to Arlington or to the newer location over in Burlington at the Wayside Commons. I used to get the mustard chicken and have enough leftover for lunch the next day. All in all, a decent place.

            1. My take is NYAJ's is a 99 with much mor creativity and a wayyyy better wine selection. Great for salads, burgers, and pizzas (if you want to call them pizzas). It's not gourmet, but one of the best of its catagory. Go and have fun.

              1. I've driven past that one a million times, too, but never been in.

                In my limited experience with both their other locations and 99, I'd say NYAJ's food is better but 99's service is better.

                NYAJ's is a safe bet for some average grub, especially with kids.

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                1. re: C. Hamster

                  I've been to the one in Acton and because this is a chain feel this qualifies as a general comment about NYAJ's.

                  The food is over salted, over buttered and over battered. I've tried multiple items on the menu, none were good, even the pizza or a burger.

                  1. re: DaveCan

                    I have been to the Acton one many times as its the closest to me. I avoid it at all costs. Maybe 99 wasnt a good comparision as it isnt very good either but i still find similarities between their food. Another comparision would be one every one loves to hate, Cheesecake Factory. Although id pick that over NYAJ every time.