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Jan 13, 2010 12:27 PM

Sunday lunch, Portland

I'm looking for a lunch place in Portland this Sunday. Much has been written about dinner in Portland, but not so much with lunch. Price doesn't matter. We like everything (ethnic, etc.). We'd like to stay in the Old Port-ish area. We're planning on walking all around and going to the art museum, so we don't mind (obviously) walking up and down Congress St. area if anyone recommends anything around there.

Here's what I was thinking: Caiola's, Walter's, El Rayo Taquería, and....? I've been to Duck Fat, but we're looking for a more sit down experience. I don't know if any of the higher end places do lunch: Emilitsa, The Front Room, 555, Local 188, Pepper Club, Ribbolita, etc.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Sundays are funny in Portland, lots of places are closed. that said, when I was looking for a dinner restaurant on a Sunday night recently, I noticed that Cailoa's was closed for dinner but open for lunch/brunch on Sundays. Since you didn't want to do Duckfat, I guess I suggest Caiola's (the caveat being that I haven't actually dined there, for dinner or lunch, but have heard great things).

    1. Walter's is a reliable choice. They are open in their new location @ 2 Portland Square.

      Consider Norm's Bar&Grill, on Congress, very near Art Museum. I haven't been there in a while but always found good "upscale bar food"

      1. Walter's has re-opened but from what their website ( says it looks like they haven't started up for Sunday brunch yet. I hear good things about the brunch at Caiola's and if I remember correctly The Breakfast Club gave a good review to the brunch at Bibo's. I put together a list of Sunday brunch spots on my website that you might find helpful.

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          Thanks everybody! And I wasn't aware Walter's had moved from Exchange St.. I'm thinking we'll go to Caiola's....or Norm's.

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            Can anyone tell me where Portland Square is? I tried to mapquest it (notice "mapquest" is now a verb), and it couldn't find it. Thanks again.

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              Temple St/Union St above Fore St nr Portland Harbor Hotel