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Searching for Good Eats in the Manchester VT area

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Hi we are planning a snowboarding trip at Stratton and staying in Manchester VT. Does anyone have any decent recs for places to eat? We are up for anything from casual to formal.

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  1. The Perfect Wife is excellent fine dining. The Little Rooster is terrific for lunch and breakfast. Stay away from Candalaro's Mexican restaurant. I don't think there's anyone in the kitchen who knows how to cook good food. I think they heat things up...except for the hunk of cornbread I had on my plate which I think came directly from the fridge out of a cellophane bag.

    Perfect Wife
    2594 Depot St, Manchester, VT

    Little Rooster Cafe
    Route 7A, Manchester Center, VT 05255

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      I'll second the "stay away" from Candalaro's!!!
      We had a lousy lunch there at their bar with a bartender who spent more time chatting with his buddies than taking our order and bringing our mediocre food.
      Try "Up for Breakfast" upstairs on Main Street for an excellent breakfast.
      The place is full of locals and that says it all for good eating.
      The breakfast were different and very good.
      Try the Wild Turkey Hash---really good,really different.
      Try the Chanticleer for dinner.
      They have a $30,3-course meal that can't be beat and this is one of the best places in town to eat at.
      We always make this a stop when in Manchester.
      You can't go wrong at The Little Rooster for breakfast either.
      We've just eaten pub food at the Perfect Wife so I can't comment on their dinner menu.
      The pub food was just that ;the usual burgers,fries,ect.

      Perfect Wife
      2594 Depot St, Manchester, VT

      Main Street Cafe
      888 Main St, Westbrook, ME 04092

      Little Rooster Cafe
      Route 7A, Manchester Center, VT 05255

    2. There is a (brief) thread you might want to check out here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/448964

      But, if you have time for lunch in town, I can't recommend The Lawyer and the Baker enough (. Their sandwiches are something special. In fact, I'm thinking about driving an hour from my home in NH this weekend just to get one :) Note that they are cash-only though.

      1. there's a fairly new restaurant in Manchester called Seasons, it's casual with a menu that changes seasonally. The food is good, great burgers and turkey burgers with homemade potato salad, some Italian favorites, fish and seafood specials...the service isn't very attentive, but the restaurant is popular. For real Vermont flavor, drive 5 miles north of Manchester, on Route 30, to the Dorset Inn...sit in the Tavern, have Patrick the bartender make you a great drink and enjoy anything on the menu from classic VT turkey croquettes to the more interesting specials..they do a great job with fish and seafood....if they have the locally raised pheasant ...go for it and if you are in the mood for a burger, the meat is local and the onion rings and fries are terrific.

        1. Beware that Candalero's is now Gringo Jack's. I would stay as far away as possible. You should check out The New American Grill in Londonderry it's pretty close to the Mountain. Good comfort food with some nice creative specials and very reasonable. They also have a decent beer selection.

          New American Grill
          5700 Vt Route 100, Londonderry, VT 05148

          1. I just had an amazing dinner - braised lamb in a wine reduction sauce - at Verde . It's in the village at the Stratton main base area. Regulars at the bar were talking about "the change" and "the new chef".

            Prices were about what you'd expect considering the location.... worth it in this case.


            Also in the village, I had a great burger at Mulligan's.

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              Lawyer & the Baker is closed until further notice for renovations. Little Rooster for lunch was very tasty. Bistro Henry had a great, affordable wine list and tasty food. I did not think their lobster bisque was worth writing home about but loved their scallops and duck.

              Little Rooster Cafe
              Route 7A, Manchester Center, VT 05255

              Bistro Henry
              1942 Depot St., Manchester, VT 05255