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Jan 13, 2010 11:28 AM

I think I've over salted my braised short ribs.

They're still cooking away but taste a bit salty. My mum used to add a raw potato whn this happened. Does this work? Otherwise, any suggestions?

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  1. The potato doesn't work unless you eat the potato with it.

    Add water.

    1. I've heard others say the same about the potato but I've never tried it. If that doesn't work, I suggest adding a bit of honey or brown sugar to balance the salt.

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      1. re: Cherylptw

        Yeah, the potato thing again. It only works if you add lots of potatoes and then remove them when the ribs are done. Not guaranteed to work, though.
        Try the brown sugar or honey, and add a touch of acid (vinegar or orange juice, depending on your recipe.)

      2. Truth is, when you have too much salt in the dish the only way to handle it is to either dilute the liquids by adding more or removing some of it and replacing it with an alternative liquid (water, wine, etc.) or adding more ingredients (like potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.) to add more ingredients and thereby redistributing some of the salt solution through dilution from the added ingredients. Once salt is in solution there is no possible way to remove it. The old wives tale about potatoes removing salt from a solution is just that; an old wives tale. There is no scientific way that adding potatoes will "suck out" the salt. The amount of salty liquid absorbed by the potatoes will contain some of the salt but the remaining liquid/sauce will still have, unit for unit, the same amount of salt it had before.
        May I suggest that,you increase the liquid by a factor of perhaps 25% and, if it isn't entirely disgusting with saltiness, you try serving it on rice, pasta or mashed potatoes to which no salt has been added. Even though that won't remove the saltiness form the meat itself, it will help to soften the impact of saltiness in the braising liquid. Keep in mind that you can't create a reduction of your braising liquid as it stands. The more you reduce it the saltier it will be.