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Jan 13, 2010 09:54 AM

Help with "how to" cook a 3lb Farmer John ham...

Just went to the market to buy something for cooking for little ones tonight while son and his wife celebrate her birthday out. At our supermarket, I couldn't believe the 3lb FJ hams in the sealed plastic wrap in the meat section. They were such a good price I couldn't resist buying all 3 kids' households one each. So tonight, I'll make one of them.

Anyone know the best way to cook one of these? Crock pot or oven or top of stove in a dutch oven, I'm stuck, also, what flavors to use in the cooking liquid or no liquid?

May have read about cola for the liquid or smathering with mustard and brown sugar and studding with cloves, but that's a strong taste for 1/3/4/5/6 yrs olds.

Any ideas? Sure appreciate it.....

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  1. For children in that age range I'd simply cook the ham without adding anything and prepare two or three different sauces for the kids to put on sliced pieces of the ham (if the wanted to) when it was time to serve. A good cherry sauce, a tomato based sauce with a touch of mustard and a brown sugar/vinegar sauce would be my choices.
    Your poor daughter-in-law deserves the break after having gone through perpetual pregnancy for the past seven years. Grandchildren are a wonderful blessing; congratulations.

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      so nice of you [thank you for the congrats] yes, grand baby's are such a blessing, a huge blessing. those are all 5 of them, between our son and our daughter so a total of 5 little ones, but I had them all that night.

      and to you Todao and Will Owen, I ended up using apple juice, brown sugar and mustard on it, baked it for an hour and sliced. better than I expected, thanks for helping me.

    2. Is this a 3 lb boneless chunk? Those FJ hams I've had tend to be so watery they need nothing but a bit of baking, or slicing and sautéeing - I certainly wouldn't cook them in liquid.