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Jan 13, 2010 09:39 AM

where to go for noodles...

do we have any authentic chinese noodle houses in the GTA, where noodles are the focus and are made in house?

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  1. Doesn't Ding Tai Fung in First Markham Place make their own noodles in house? They definitely make their own dumplings from scratch, which is their specialty. You can see the slaves working through the window while you eat. I would guess that they make their own noodles too but I don't remember for sure.

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        Charles, what is the difference between the two styles? Am a noodle fan and am curious.

        1. re: Arcadiaseeker

          Cantonese noodles are usually more chewy due to the addition of lye water ( strong alkaline ) to the egg/wheat flour and water mixture. It is yellowish and also finer in appearance ( angel hair to Cantonese noodle vs Spaghetti to Northern/Shanghainese noodle ). Northern style noodles are very much like Japanese ramen. Whitish in appearance, it is also thicker. They are usually made by pulling the dough in consecutive sequences to create thinner and thinner strands. Unless one is in Hong Kong or Mainland China where the skill of the noodle masrters allows them to make noodles much thinner, the 'overseas' version are usually less refine and thicker

          The popular accompaniment for Cantonese noodles are usually wonton, fish balls or braised meat, be it beef brisket and tendons or pig's trotter. On the other hand, Northern style noodles are usually eaten with stirred fry preserve cabbages/vegetables and shredded pork. or minced pork with bean paste toppings. Both can be eaten with or without a soup base.

          However, whilst not much importance are given to the soup/broth of Northern style noodles. The broth for Cantonese noodles plays a major part in the overall picture! Wonton noodle shops in Hong Kong very often spend hours in making the broth using pork and chicken bones, shrimp shells, roasted dried flounder, shrimp eggs and the addition of a sweet dry fruit call Buddha fruit.

          Hope this will answer your curiosity?!

      2. Mother's Dumplings on Huron. They have Da-lu noodles on the menu, but they are more geared toward dumplings.

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          i forgot about this...any other suggestions???

        2. The only place that comes to mind is that place in the food court at Pac Mall, since they make such a show of it. Oddly, never eaten there all these years. I keep meaning to, but I get distracted by the egg waffles...

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            yup mr. sun's noodles in the foodcourt at pacific mall (2nd floor, heritage town), definitely have the hand made noodles, made in front of you most of the time...

            has anybody tried mirage noodle at finch/midland?

          2. Noodle Wok, Burnhamthorpe and Mavis, Mississauga.