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Jan 13, 2010 09:01 AM

Bastide for lunch?

Has anyone tried their new menu? I am looking for a good lunch or brunch place for this weekend.

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  1. did they re open when I wasn't looking?

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    1. re: AAQjr

      Yes they did re open with a new concept back in Dec.

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        What is the new concept this time? do they have a new website? The old one isn't up. Wow, I thought I was well informed lol. Who is the chef?

    2. I would like to know as well. Has anyone been since the re-re-re-open???

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      1. re: TailbackU

        I went with my husband this past Saturday for lunch and it was an overall devine experience. Sat in the patio enjoyed everything from start to finish. They are starting with lunch first then progressing to breakfast hopefully next month. Starters were the mussel soup and Fig tart then we moved on to the beet salad and shrimp salad. We were eating light because we had an early reservation at Cut for dinner (which by the way was also excellant as usual). All courses were expertly prepared and the bread basket was to die for. Everyone that is familiar with the former incarnations of Bastide - the wine list was priced at cost and some even below cost. We are excited to have Bastide back and can't wait to book our next reservation. Also not too shabby having an Assouline book store to browse through before or after lunch.

        1. re: catcaper

          They're open for lunch? I called today and there was no mention of lunch on their phone message.

          1. re: catcaper

            Thank you for your report. The fact that the chef worked at Bouley and Cafe boulud got me interested.

            1. re: TailbackU

              I went this past week for lunch and they mentioned they hope to reopen for dinner in mid February. Their new chef Joseph Mahon is making some delicious food. The infamous mercurial owner Joe Pytka was in the house.

              The service was fine, the room is relaxing and the food was spectacular. Very fairly priced as well. The Yellowtail was delicate. The polenta cake was a great winter dish. It came with a very dark pesto.

              The highlight for me was the venison special. Amazing. If they have it when you go, it is a must order.

              the apps are in the $10 - $13 range, the entrees are in the $20s and the wine list at lunch is all below $50 per bottle, with many selections at/under $30. Amazing. I believe they have more $$$$ wines if you want, but that is beyond my budget. Also the wines are from under-appreciated regions such as Slovenia or Austria.

              1. re: Senor Popusa

                I also went for lunch recently. It was delicious. Great, warm homemade bread especially the focaccia roll. The yellowtail appetizer was the standout for me - light and delicate (as stated above). Large portion for $13. I definitely plan on returning.

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              1. Bastide opens for dinner tonight, but I visited again today for for lunch to avoid the hordes of their sold out first dinner service. (i'm not into the notch your belt theory of trying someplace the day/week it opens).

                The bread and butter service was delicious as it was on my previous visit last month. The breads are made in house and included a sour dough as well as a raisin roll and an onion roll. The bread is served warm. The butter is also made in house from locally sourced cream.

                The frisee salad with fried chicken thighs and a poached egg is rich and wonderful. I am a sucker for a runny eggs. The chicken was off to the side. The dish also had parmesan cheese of a nice salty quality.

                The wine list is still very reasonable and I found a tasty syrah from the languedoc.

                Perfect way to while away a rainy afternoon.

                Menu is here:

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                1. re: Senor Popusa

                  Were they not serving their foccacia today? That was my favorite. I am considering going back just so I can have another go at it. Didn't need any butter - melted in my mouth!

                  1. re: Senor Popusa

                    Thank you very much for the menu link. We have reservations for dinner this sat and can't wait. I like a lot of the first courses, maybe pick bunch of them and one main course to make our own tasting menu.

                  2. Well we dined here last sat and the food was pretty good, but on the salty side specially the onion soup. I enjoyed the scallop dish, but they should have provided a spoon for the sauce. The watercress custard was delicous and the steak was great. The service on the other hand was not that great. The hostess was lovely and the food runner was nice, but the waiter was so unfriendly and snoby. I know they just started their dinner service, but at times they were clueless like serving the soup before providing the spoon or the empty plates sitting on the table for a long periods of time. We were sitting on the patio and I think they need to either add some lighting or train their service staff to explain what is in every course, because we couldn't see a thing.