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Jan 13, 2010 08:45 AM

Where to buy a whole duck in New Haven?

I found an intrigueing looking Szechuan duck recipe (Fuchsia Dunlop) that I want to try out for a dinner party this weekend, but I'm having trouble finding a duck in New Haven. No luck at Shaws on Whalley, Nica's, or Hong Kong Market. Any suggestions? (I will have access to a ride, so Hamden is within reach, though probably not further afield than that.) Thanks!

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  1. Statewide Meats & Poultry Inc
    211 Food Terminal Plz, New Haven, CT(203) 777-6669
    they are technicaly a wholesalere , but they have hooked me up with hard to find stuff in the past, give them a call . If they can help you would be going into the office at the front of the warehouse.

    1. these guys are also good, again give them a call, if they don't have it they will order it
      Amity Meat Center
      24 Lucy Street, Woodbridge, CT(203) 397-5060

      1. Stop & Shop on Amity Rd usually has them. Ferraro's on Grand St has them frozen

        1. Stop & Shop carries them frequently. If you don't find one, ask a butcher behind the glass. They will get one for you.

          1. AFAIK Bella Bella Gourmet has them and much more.
            Sells fresh chickens, rendered duck fat. ducks, foie gras from local farms farms in Sullivan County, NY.
            6 Hamden Park Dr
            New Haven, CT 06517
            (203) 230-2932

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              Bella Bella Gourmet is now @:
              35 Industry Dr.
              West Haven, CT 06516