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Jan 13, 2010 08:19 AM

Twin Cities Tasting Menus

I am celebrating my 30th this weekend and would like to go out for a great tasting menu.

I know there is La Belle Vie or Chambers, but I want to do something a little more niche. I don't care how much we spend and would like to do several courses.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Alma. 4 courses (if you indulge in dessert).

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    1. re: Foureyes137

      This is exactly what I was thinking. Done and done. Thanks.

    2. Here is also a great one at Muffuletta's on sunday

      On sundays Mufflet'aasMuffuletta shifts gears on Sunday evenings with a "prix fixe" (fixed price) menu. Chef Jason Schellin offers a three-course menu with your choice of starter, entree and dessert, all for the amazingly low price of $18.95. Each dish is lovingly prepared and will vary from week to week. If the three-course tasting meal is not what you desire, fear not! Our full dinner menu is also available, as well as our Fork and Spoon Pot Roast for only $8.95. The following is an example of items you may find on our Sunday fixed price menu.Starters
      Chilled Cucumber-Avocado Soupkumquat, lemongrass syrup

      Baby Greens Saladmicro arugula, shaved fennel, strawberry, chevre, rhubarb vinaigrette

      Roasted Asparaguslocal green garlic, Le Frere, lemon, Olio Verde
      Main Courses
      Pan-Roasted Blue MarlinEnglish peas, roasted carrots

      Mushroom Risottomorel, cremini, leek, sun-dried tomato pesto, arugula oil

      Hidden Stream Farms Pork Confitgoat cheese-potato puree, braised red cabbage, crispy onions
      Bete Noirorange glace

      Chocolate Chip Cookie "Sundae"vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce


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          Never had a disappointing meal at Saffron, most have been steller. The Chef is going to be on Iron Chef on the 24th of Jan. I can't wait to see the program.

          1. re: ibew292

            !!!!! oooh!!!

            i'd love to watch wahdi on IC, but don't have cable. will you let us know what happens? please? :)

            to the op i'm a big fan of saffron. . . and alma. . . heartland's tasting menu is also great. any of them would be great for a special occasion. i might try to create special occasions so i could do them all. don't forget to report back after your evening and let us know how it went!

        2. re: liney714

          I have had the tasting menu at Muffuletta, and it should be noted that these are much smaller renditions of each course. The food was pretty good, but it's definitely not the recession-friendly bargain they make it out to be.

        3. There are quite a few good places that do tasting menus, most seem to be around $60-70. Corner table and Heidi's are both good, intimate and less well known than Alma. I've enjoyed the tasting at Vincent when I've had it (not often). But my favorite is the lounge at La Belle Vie. Not only is the food spectacular but at $40 for 4 courses (plus $25 for a wine flight) it's a bargain. And the cocktails are tasty, the best in the city in my opinion.

          1. Cosmos does a 7-course for $60. We did the tasting at both Cosmos and Heidi's in December, and slightly preferred Cosmos. We liked the creativity and the room (cool decor and tables not too close together!). I'd say Cosmos was even on par with La Belle Vie for us, even though they don't get the same press and acclaim.

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              I really like Cosmos tasting menu. A very nice experience. Too bad the Bayport Cookery is closed as i think theirs was the best.