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Jan 13, 2010 08:18 AM

VIsiting DC - recommendations near the Red Line


I'm going to be visiting DC over Valentines Day weekend. While I've done a bunch of reading on this board for recommendations, I am hoping someone can specifically give me some suggestions for good restaurants near the metro red line since I don't know where any of the recommended places are in relation. We are Floridians and probably aren't up for extended metro-bus-taxi changes, but a metro ride would be fine.

1) Saturday before VD (2/13). Dinner for 10-20 people. Somewhere I can make reservations, most definitely due to the size of the party.

2) Valentines Day (2/14). Dinner for 2; again, I'd be making reservations.

Any recommendations for those anywhere within 6 blocks of a metro red-line stop?

Thanks for humoring the poor underdressed Floridan!


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  1. There are hundreds of restaurants in that area - could you tell us your price range and what types of food you like?

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    1. re: reiflame

      I am sorry for not being more specific.

      I'd like something relatively inexpensive for the big group dinner, just because not everyone is on the same financial level with a big group like that. But inexpensive doesn't mean cheap chain food, just not $$$$$ 4 star cuisine. We have one vegetarian, a couple of foodies and a bunch of folks who don't really care but who are along for the evening. I also think that we are more likely to get reservations for a larger group somewhere less rarefied.

      For the dinner-for-two, we are open to anything and the price point can go higher. We like particularly: South African, Indian, Thai, Seafood, Pasta. We love new restaurants and are open to anything that is really good.

      As much as I'd like references for lunch too, I think both days I will be eating Nando's, since my BF hasn't had it since he moved from South Africa 10 years ago. ;)

      Thanks so much for the reply!

      1. re: ldkelley

        For the dinner for two, I'd look at Rasika for really great Indian: and Dino for pasta/Italian:

        1. re: WashDC33

          Thanks for the fast response! I will check them out tonight. I have seen them get great reviews on this board but I wasn't sure what "level" they were.


          1. re: ldkelley

            Dino's upstairs is great for large groups. And, while you can certainly assemble an expensive dinner there, you can also carefully keep the tab down.

            Call Dean the owner (deangold here on Chowhound) and discuss your party and your budget, and I'll bet he can make something work for you.

        2. re: ldkelley

          I know many places are really booked up for the whole weekend of Valentine's Day, btu for your dinner for two if you can't get into Rasika, you may try their sister restaurant Bombay Club (at Farragut) or Indique (Cleaveland Park).

          For Pasta you could try Tosca (I am not sure if they have a special price fix menu for vday), Potenza, Siroc or the above mentioned Dino.

          For big group I think Dino is a great suggestion, if that doesn't work out you might also try Ceiba, Acadiana or DC Coast- they have some different, but also lots of safe items and are normally good with big parties.

          1. re: ldkelley

            I just wanted to thank everyone for the recommendations. We ended up at Dukem Ethiopian for the large group (not bad, but not stellar) and Dino for Valentines dinner for two (excellent).

            We had a great trip - thank you all for you ideas!

            1. re: ldkelley

              I agree, Dukem is nothing special.

        3. Thank you both! I will look into those with my group and let the board know where we ended up.