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Jan 13, 2010 07:27 AM

North NJ - Good resturant to sit and talk?

I've been lurking for a looong time, and had a question come up. For a friend's Birthday, she has requested a "quiet dinner" at someplace that could be considered an "experience". "Sitting on pillows would be a def plus". Her example was Melting Pot (obviously, no pillows there).

I'd like to shoot for someplace a bit nicer. Any ideas? Pref in North NJ, but in the City ideas are always welcomed!


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  1. I'm not sure how quiet it will be but Chakra in Paramus is pretty good. And if you get a "booth" they're sort of like big comfy couches.

    1. Harvest Bistro in Closter is a favorite of mine with a warm inviting spacious room and low sound, but... Could you possibly give some more criteria, there are scores of restaurants that you could do a "quiet dinner" at.

      1. Chakra and Harvest Bistro are both very nice looking restaurants but both are very noisy and the quality of food is fair at best.

        For a quiet, comfortable place that could be considered an experience I would go to Cafe Matisse in Rutherford.

        1. For Greek, Axia in Tenefly is wonderful and has a great atmosphere.
          Oceanos in Fairlwn is great for Seafood
          We had a really nice dining experience at the Stable in Ridgewood. It has full meat heavy menu or you can do the Rodizio where they keep coming around with different types of meat. It is BYOB too which is nice.