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One night in Tokyo - need fantastic restaurant serving local food

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My friend and I are spending one night in Tokyo en route from SE Asia back to Canada, staying at the Peninsula Hotel. I've been to Tokyo a few times before and have eaten at restaurants serving food from various surrounding prefectures. I am looking for a fantastic meal at a restaurant serving local food but not preferably not sushi and not in a hotel restaurant (even though they can be fabulous). A kaiseki experience would be great too. I'm not too price sensitive but I'm not at the same time looking to spend a fortune on the meal just to do so. Any ideas? Any views on the three star michelin restaurants? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Why don't you try Kaikaya, not fancy at all, but fresh food and delicious www.kaikaya.com. Can't miss the crab spring rolls or the ebi no ebi.....