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Jan 13, 2010 06:27 AM

Costa Rica

Does anyone know the availability of Kosher food in the markets in Costa Rica? We know about the people who send prepared meals to the hotels, but I'm talking about nosh and cereal...

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  1. I am familiar with the establishments in San José, Costa Rica. Where do you intend to be?

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    1. re: NYC2TLV

      NOT in San Jose. We're getting food from a caterer there sent to our hotels, but we'll be in other locations for the trip. Thanks.

      1. re: DebbyT

        What caterer, cost etc? I was also thinking about a vacation to Cosa Rica... would love to hear about your plans.

        1. re: Pluckyduk8

          Made our reservations thru our travel agent and Maxim tours. Only staying in 3 places for the week (some of our friends stayed in a different hotel every night). We'll be in La Paz at the Peace Lodge, Arenal at the Tabacon and Manuel Antonio at Si Como No. Hiking, volcanoes, rain forest, zip line, river rapids and monkey beach...oh, and spa time! I'll fill y'all in when we get back!

          1. re: DebbyT

            Cool! Where is the food coming from?

        2. re: DebbyT

          We were there three years ago, so some of this may be out of date. We found that American foods with hechshers like crackers, granola bars, etc., were available in some, but not all, groceries in the areas to which we traveled (Arenal, Monteverde, and Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste.) There wasn't much that was locally produced under supervision (as I recall, the tuna, the pasta, and the instant soups listed on the shul's kosher list were all widely available, but not much else.) Availability was unpredictable - we found Manischewitz wine, of all stuff, in a dusty, dirt-floored food store in Monteverde, a town only accessable by bumping over dirt roads for hours, but I didn't see it anywhere else. (I've always wondered as to why. The bottles looked pretty dusty, so I don't think it was a big seller.) I didn't look for cereal, as we'd brought our own instant oatmeal, which we ate with local fruit (the pineapple is amazing, the watermelon is consistently only eh) for breakfast.

      2. I know you asked a different kind of question, but I want to mention that a couple of years ago, there was a kosher bed and breakfast in Costa Rica. I had read about it online and seen an HGTV "Househunters" episode about the orthodox couple who were looking for the right property for this purpose. I always wonder how they are doing.

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          They sold their place. I don't know more than that.

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            My husband went to school with the guy.. I believe they have sold the plce and they are now back in the States. It was called Orchid Lodge, correct?

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              Yes, I saw that episode and was so excited about them...but they sold the place some time ago. Bummer!

            2. Have you seen this?
              List of Restaurants and Kosher Products in Costa Rica, under the supervision of Rabbi Gershon Miletski Chief Rabbi of the Orthodox-Jewish Community.