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Jan 13, 2010 06:27 AM

Liked Italian Store Pizza dough - Where to try Dessert Pizza?

I went to Trader Joe's and also the Italian Store (Arlington), I will try the TJ's dough later on to make an Apple Honey Pizza, but I tried the one from the Italian Store and with it I made a small pizza and a Calzone, it worked very well, I have no experience working with Pizza dough so at first it was difficult to knead it since it will keep shrinking, but at the end it worked out. (I read that TJ's dough is not too god, but still will give it a try).

Any other places you recommend for buying fresh pizza dough?

I am still working on my own pizza dough recipe, and I am taking a break of that for now =)

I read other reviews on Pizza shells and I didn't liek some of those I tried.


I have tried in the past a sweet pizza, it was made with honey, apples and cinnamon and some fresh melting cheese, do you know of any place who makes this pizza? I think I saw something similar on Matchbox's Menu, but will double check once I visit again.


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  1. I have gotten fresh pizza dough at Whole Foods before -- both white and wheat.

    I have not seen/tried a sweet pizza before but it sounds interesting!

    I did have a lot of fun this summer making pizza on my grill -- hence, the use of Whole Foods dough.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: gelato98

      Oh that's a good Idea, I love to test recipes with Fresh Pizza Dough.

      Please try the Sweet Pizza, just make it the same way and keep the Mozarrella, change the Honey for Tomato Sauce and Apples, Pears or Pineapples for Savory Toppings.

      If using Ricotta just drain it first or it will end up wet like mine LOL,

      almost 2am and now I am craving Pizza... Suppli wouldn't hurt either =(

    2. 1000 grams bread flour (king author is upscale, any will work)
      680 g water, bottled if yours has a chlorine taste
      1 teaspoon yeast sprinkled into the water
      2 big teaspoons kosher salt into the flour

      Weigh (it's important) all of this into a big bowl, mix as much as possible with fingers of one hand, scrape everything out onto the counter. Knead for about 5-10 minutes, the first minute will be sticky, after that it comes together and should be nice. let rise about 2 hours. divide into three, using the scale, for 16" pies, and into 4 for 12 inch pies.

      Any other ingredients in the dough are not authentic. It really is not complex.

      Sysco will sell you screens, williams sonoma has a nice rectangular stone. Don pepino sauce is OK, and costco has good whole milk mozz.