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Jan 13, 2010 06:23 AM

La Truffiere in Paris (or other romantic restaurants)

Hi, I recently made a reservation at La Truffiere for a trip to Paris next month with my boyfriend for Valentine's Weekend and our anniversary. We were looking for a really romantic restaurant that is sort of a hidden gem type place. Quiet, cozy, and romantic spot with great food, but without the over-the-top elegance and formality of some of the other notoriously romantic restaurants. Price isn't too much of an issue, but I'm still curious exactly how expensive a place like Truffiere is. I couldn't get any information on the website. Could someone give an approximation of what dinner there would cost per person without drinks? We are actually having our dinner the night before Valentine's Day, so it would most likely be the normal menu and not the Valentine's Day menu. Also, what is the dress code?

In the alternative, does anyone know if any other good restaurants for the ambiance we are seeking? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Truffiere has at least three menu options, starting at under 60 Euros. With wine, the tab could approach 200 Euros pp for the high-end menu. Your friend should wear a sportcoat; a tie is not required. Enjoy.

    1. Was taken there with by friends in November, assume you mean place just off Rue Mouffetard. Cost them @ 700 euros for the three of us for top menu and wine pairings. Food was very good, but the wine pairings were amazing, more and more and just kept coming. All very esoteric bottles as that was what we wanted and all excellent. My host was a wine seller in US and thought he knew a lot, the sommelier put it to him in a wonderful way.