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Moving to midtown east..... am I screwed for good cheaper eats?

So making the move to midtown from my cozy nook in the east village. Lower 50's and 3rd to be exact.

I know about all the great high end places in Midtown that I'm close to but what about the everyday meal, the neighborhood good find, cheap eats, some good pizza? Please share your favorites.

Help me chowhound community!

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  1. Grand Sichuan Eastern
    1049 2nd Ave
    (Btwn 55th & 56th St)

    Mantao for the best pork and shrimp dumplings

    Omsb for rice balls!

    this website is helpful too

    1. Pampano Taqueria, Ah Chihuahua, Dishes, Tenzan, Ess-a-Bagel, NYC Craving's Truck (on Thursday's), Angelo's Pizza...to name a few.


      1. I haven't found good pizza in this neighborhood, but there are a couple of good izakayas and Japanese fast food in the 40s, Kanaat and Gulluoglu for Turkish, Barros Luco for Chilean sandwiches, Naya for Lebanese, Darbar Grill for Indian, Hawaiian Grill has great roast chicken and decent kalbi (although it is on the sweet and fatty side). Obao also just recently opened in the neighborhood.

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          if i feel like spending a little xtra, i goto john's for pizza, if not i get mine at pizza park on 65th and 1st
          you can also go to tal's on 54th and 1st for bagels

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            Angleo's does tasty coal oven pizza in the area.

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              Gulluoglu is good, but not all that cheap. I like the Japanese grocery on 47th and 3rd for good, cheap rice balls. Onya is next door, and has very good soba. Definitely Barros Luco, their sandwiches have apparently gotten larger and cheaper according to midtown lunch. Check out that site linked above, it should be very helpful.

              I second all the restaurants posted above. Others:
              XPL on 48th and 3rd for street meat.
              Kati rolls and dosas at Grill 44 on 44th btwn lex and 3d.
              Chola and tadka for Indian are very good, but not very cheap. I usually get delivery, so it's more expensive. I know they have buffets, which I have yet to check out so I can't vouch for.

            2. You are under 10 blocks away from Mee Noodle along 2nd and 48th. Stick to the noodle dishes and you'll be fine.

              1. Poor you! I work in the hood and it's no East Village...
                Crisp on 3rd/43rd has good (if unusual) falafel sandwiches & salads. Naya Express two doors up is more traditional Middle Eastern. Comfort Diner on 45/3 has great grilled cheese & retro atmosphere. The area is packed full of good Japanese places, but they are only cheap at lunchtime. The khao soi at Bangkok Grand Palace on 49th/1st is good but that's about the only thing that is there.

                1. You're never more than a phone call away from Sarge's (on 3rd, b/t 36th & 37th). Open 24/7, and they deliver all over Manhattan. The pastrami is superb!


                  1. I work in this part of town - and I agree with everyone - it's no village. But there are some good finds. When I work late, I always grab the Hakata Ramen from Menchanko Tei on 45th and 3rd. $9 and it's great.

                    1. Taksim, on 2nd ave between 54th + 55th for Turkish.
                      Dai Hachi on 56th and 2nd for quick sushi rolls.
                      PJ Clarkes has a good burger. The burger is the only "cheap" thing on the menu.
                      Brick Lane Curry House on 53rd between 2nd and 3rd.

                      1. I'm sure that you've probably discovered this by now, but there's a new Five Guys Burgers and Fries on 3rd and 45th. Best burgers I've had since In&Out in San Fran.

                        1. thanks for all the recommendations guys, keep em comin!