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Jan 13, 2010 06:06 AM

Cheeses at Fairways:

I saw a few new items yesterday at Fairways:
1) SoyFeta/ SoyBleu (Hecksher manchester, UK beis din)
2) Israeli 'grilling cheese' (I am thinking this is either really close to halloumi or is halloumi?)
3) Authentic Spanish Manchego cheese- Israeli rabbanut hecksher (cant remember which rabbanut though)

Just want to say that I love the sheer choice and originality at Fairways- one of my fave places to shop now.

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  1. Which Fairway did you go to? I know all the stores have a different selection of kosher cheeses...

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    1. re: cheesecake17

      Sorry- should have specified. This was the Paramus location. They always seem to have new stuff there when I go.

      1. re: marissaj

        Where was the soy feta in the Paramus store? In the specialty kosher cheeses near the bakery or the regular kosher cheeses near the milk? I love fairway but the way they organize the stuff there kills me.

        1. re: azna29

          yes- the organisation leaves a lot to be desired- they have like 4 aisles of snacks all in different areas- very odd.
          Anyway, the soyfeta is opposite the freezer sections (where the kosher section used to be before it was moved to regular dairy).. very weird since the other soy cheeses are in a totally different place.

          1. re: marissaj

            i also love fairway. lots of great items

            1. re: koshergourmetmart

              Fairway in Plainview is selling cheese by a French brand - Ermitage. The hechsher is from France. Most is written in hebrew, but in English it says Fraicheur Protegee. Does anyone know if this is reliable?

              1. re: hajmom

                Yes. It is reliable. We can get the exact same one in England, in the Kosher markets.

                1. re: hajmom

                  As the distributor of kosher french cheese to fairway i can assure you the hescher from those cheese is truly reliable very know rabbi Schlesinger from the futur we plan to put a label in english.any other question i will be available to answer.
                  enjoy your cheese

                  1. re: torjmanea

                    Yes, how can we get your cheeses in St. Louis?

                    1. re: p.j.

                      try have a good selection as well as gourmetfoodstore,com

                    2. re: torjmanea

                      Fairway (Paramus) used to carry a wonderful Swiss Brie, but I haven't seen it in a long time. Does it still exist?

                2. re: marissaj

                  Thanks, I would never have found it on my own!

          2. oooh! wish the manchego were available in the UWS !!!

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            1. re: meateater

              I bought Kosher Manchego here in Bergen County...but I cannot remember where. It is called La Cueva del Abuelo, Queso Manchego and it is under the hashgacha of Rav Schlesinger of Geneva - Chalav Yisrael Kosher L'pesach
              I haven't opened it yet...and I have no clue what to use it for...but I knew it was a FIND!

              1. re: DebbyT

                Ha- its funny- there is a recipe for black pepper- manchego puffs to the right! I also have no idea what to use it for.. any suggestions?

              2. re: meateater

                The same manchego is available at the Whole Foods on Columbus and 97th. When you first walk in, there are a few cold shelves with pre-packaged cheeses next to the deli part. There are two little shelves marked kosher and I saw the manchego there yesterday. They also have heckshered qwark/quark (a European cream cheese-like product that is a bit lighter and a touch more sour) and fromage blanc.

              3. Haven't seen the manchego at the Fairways in Manhattan, but it's at the 97th st Whole Foods, on the ground floor, next to the 5 Spoke. It's quite expensive though. Also, it looks like an Israeli rabbanut hechsher, but I think it's actually French- Rabbi Moshe Alloun.

                1. We love the Shahat cheese at Fairway.

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                  1. I just bought the Tavor cheese in Fairway- haven't tried it though.

                    What other stores carry your cheeses?

                    1. Here's hoping that the Cheese Guy will get an OU or similar. Korc is not accepted by anyone in my neighborhood (not a comment on Korc, just the reality). Same with Mainland cheese from NZ.

                        1. re: koshergourmetmart

                          yes, but now they repackage it in California under KOR, which is not on any of the widely used "approved lists" and this reflects current practice in my neck of the woods. I believe the cheese itself is under local hashgacha in NZ.

                          1. re: mrogovin

                            i saw them at the fancy food show and they said not enough people bought it to justify the cost of the OK certification and that is why they switched

                      1. Well then, let me tell you how much we LOVE all of the cheeses. Finally, a quality kosher cheese exploding with flavor. I really hope these products continue to be available stateside.