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Jan 13, 2010 05:52 AM

Good Girls Night Out Restaurant in CT

Help I am organizing a Girls Night Out for a friend going through a divorce. We want to go to a really fun restaurant to lift her spirits. We are in central CT. She likes Hibachi, Italian or Mexican. Any ideas?? New Haven? Hartford, etc?


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  1. Hi! Try Sakura Garden in Glastonbury for hibachi. I've only had sushi there, but one night recently, their bar was at capacity for HH, so my friend and I ended up enjoying the hibachi show toward the end of our meal. I have never eaten ANYTHING at Sakura Garden I didn't love. You'll get a kick out of the cowboy hibachi chefs! :) I can't think of a more fun environment in central CT. Enjoy!

    Sakura Garden
    120 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury, CT 06033

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      Thank you!! The pictures look great

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        For hibachi, I would also suggest Saki Mura in girlfriends took me there for my bachelorette and it was fantastic....gotta get a scorpion bowl!

        Good luck!

    2. Mexican: Mezcal in New Haven, fun atmosphere great food.
      14 Mechanic St, New Haven, CT 06520, (203) 782-4828
      and you could go across the street after to co jones for crazy margaritas

      1. Not a girl but if you're looking for a lively scene with good food try Max amore or max fish in glastonbury or Brico in west hartford center both have websites you can check out

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          1. Whoops, excuse me to the ladies. Nothing to add here but I guess there's a difference between "Good Girls" Night Out and A good "Girls Night Out". Alllllrrrighty then :)

            Cowboy hibachi chefs and scorpion bowls? Ha-ha, oh boy I should have known.

            How about them upcoming changes to the boards? Yeah, CT is CT but I can really understand where Fairfield County posters preferred the Tristate arrangement. Did you see their debate on Ching's Table? Jeesh, a compact disc will skip but there lies a couple of posters I mistook for a "broken record". Rough crowd I tell ya :) . I've might have vented about why there's such love for Lenny and Joe's but there are some cranks that have nothing positive to say about almost anywhere. Get ready for one big happy reunion!

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              Thanks for the warm welcome, noreservations... Makes us feel so welcome!

              And ditto for me re: Sakura Garden...Funny that I've only ever been to one restaurant in Glastonbury (not our usual stomping grounds) but that's the one... Met a couple of old friends for a "let's catch up and have dinner" evening not too long ago. We had a great time.

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                Hey come on now. You're the ones that have to pretend this arrangement isn't less than ideal for Fairfield County! :)

                We do our welcoming in song and since we're joined on one board be the Peaches & we'll be the Herb?:

                For those nearby: Unfortunately it's not one of the $50 or $100 deals but this one for Sakura can at least be used on different visits: