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Jan 13, 2010 05:40 AM

Chapel Hill lunchtime taco trucks

I don't eat lunch out that often (because Sandwhich is expensive and most downtown food is mediocre). I've noticed a few taco trucks in the campus area around lunchtime that might be a cheap, good alternative and I'm wondering if anyone has tried them and has any recommendations.

I've seen one that parks near the new Sciences building construction site (South Rd just east of Columbia) and the one that parks at the corner of Merritt Mill and Franklin, across from the Jiffy Lube.

Anyone tried these or know of others?

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  1. I'd be curious to know if one of them is the one that parks in Carrboro in front of Furniture Follies just before the ArtCenter/Cat's Cradle parking area. Also how these compare to a place like La Tienda Don Jose in Carrboro.

    1. I've almost stopped numerous times at the one on Merritt Mill, but somehow never did. I'd LOVE to hear a first hand review.

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      1. re: LulusMom

        The truck is called Captain Pancho's. They make their own tortillas from homemade masa harina, which is quite unusual. The tortillas and tacos are indeed excellent, much better than Don Jose Tienda, though a bit skimpy at $1.60 per. I especially recommend the pastor. The chiliquiles are spicy but very, very good. I do not recommend the sincronizadas or the burrito. I have not tried the entomotadas (spelling?) or the tortas. These few dishes encompass the entire menu. In general, the truck is worth a try, though I am a little put off by the fact that the fellow who applies the cheese and other finishing touches with his bare hands is the same guy who manages the cash register and handles the money.

        1. re: Sinophile

          Thanks Sino. Great to hear a first hand report. I agree on the hands thing, but I think more of that happens than we realize.

          1. re: LulusMom

            I know where I'm headed for lunch next week! Thanks.

            As to the hands, at least here we can see and judge whereas who knows what happens behind the kitchen door.

          2. re: Sinophile

            Wait is this the truck in Carrboro or the one on Merrit Mill? There is also a truck in Carrboro near Town Hall at one of the gas stations and it says Como Rico I believe on the side...

            1. re: burgeoningfoodie

              We're talking about the Merrit Mill one, I think.