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Canned Banana Bread

ike04 Jan 13, 2010 02:39 AM

I saw on TV years ago a guy who baked banana bread in glass canning jars and sealed them as they came out of the oven. Does anyone have a recipe for this?

  1. m
    mtomto Jan 14, 2010 04:54 AM

    I dont get it? Why do this? Seems silly.

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    1. re: mtomto
      ike04 Jan 14, 2010 09:30 AM

      Thanks for the replies. To mtomto, I was hoping to include canned bread in gift baskets. My mom cans almost everything including a really good coleslaw. Maybe it is a prairie thing. It is about hoarding food. If you can figure out a way to keep something for a long time, that's a "good thing"

    2. a
      allgimbel Jan 14, 2010 04:16 AM

      When I read your post, I went digging for a couple blog posts I've read about cakes in jars:

      Poppy Seed:

      Red Velvet:

      Perhaps they will help you decide what, if any, changes you need to make to an existing banana bread recipe for baking in jars. Good luck, and, based on the links above, be safe!

      1. bushwickgirl Jan 13, 2010 04:43 AM

        Here's a link with a basic recipe and procedure:

        Read it and weep, here's a link with a warning about this process:

        And another warning:

        Considering the warnings given, I don't recommend doing this.

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