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Jan 12, 2010 09:45 PM

Trattoria Tosca [MSP] - lovely meal

In other board posts, we've read that Tosca's menu offers simple items that other people claim they can make in their sleep ... but which turn out to be not so simple after all.

We've also read that the current chef Adam Vickerman is moving on after January 16, 2010.

Fellow diners, wish him well. And hop on over there in the next four days to taste how a dish is more than a sum of its parts.

As an example, tonight's warm beet salad consisted of red & gold beets, wilted kale (or arugula?), ricotta and toasted almonds. A little bit of vinegar & shallots, maybe. And I can't even explain this very well because I didn't quite believe what I tasted, but there was a perfect addition of finely ground black pepper that tied it all together in a way that other beet-greens-cheese-nut combos have missed.

The bolognese sauce on the tagliatelle tasted of pork shoulder long-simmered in milk with a bit of sofrito, as though we'd been eating sad tomato-y imitations up until now. Of course everybody's grandma makes bolognese but really, this one was better.

The little brussels sprouts had been roasted just long enough in just enough oil to soften them through and crisp up the tips of the outer leaves. You, too, may find yourself spearing one on a fork and swishing it around the bowl to catch the slivers of garlic & shallot.

It's said that simple dishes tell us more about our cooking skill because they're so easy to screw up. This was a meal of dishes done right.

3415 w 44th St, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. Where is Adam going now?

    Tosca has been one of our go places for dinner as of late. The epitome of quality over quantity. The menu isn't extensive, but we've never had anything that wasn't excellent. The bucatini has been one of TCL's favorite comfort foods.

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    1. re: Danny

      I think maybe his answer to that question was deleted from a recent thread, but if memory serves he will spend time at Sea Change and at Haute Dish.

      1. re: Danny

        Adam is going to Sea Change to learn from another chef.

      2. Tosca has been one of our favorite restaurants since it opened. I am seriously disappointed that we missed the opportunity to go there before Adam left. Has anybody been since?