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Jan 12, 2010 08:54 PM

The best MACARONS in LA are at Frances Bakery!!!! Ooh La La!

Having just returned from Paris, I was extremely excited to have found that the owner of Frances Bakery in the Honda Plaza in J-Town has just started making Macarons (the sandwich type with cream, not the coconut macaroon kind). Having tried the macarons from Laduree (delish!!), Fouchon (not very good IMO), and Pierre Herme (nice...but too sweet) in Paris, I must say this is as good as it gets to France in LA! If you love macarons you must try the ones from Frances. The only negative thing is that there's just a few flavors available since the owner/chef is still experimenting with different flavors. But all the ones i've tried, chocolate, coffee, lavendar, strawberry, and a green one (not sure if it's pistachio or green tea) have been just excellent. He has that perfect macaron texture that is lacking in so many of the places in LA that sells wannabe macarons...you know where it is crispy and delicate on the outside, but then you bite into it and it is airy and moist inside....seriously people go try it! And if you're not a macaron fan, there's plenty more desserts (fruit tart, napoleon, creme brulee, choclate hazelnut cake, rare cheesecake, etc) at Frances that are seriously to die for!

Frances Bakery (in the honda Plaza a few doors away from sushi gen)
404 East 2nd Street Los Angeles
CA 90012-4209
(213) 680-4899

Frances Bakery & Coffee
404 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA

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  1. Shhh... Don't tell everyone out there about my favorite French-Japanese Bakery!

    1. I am excited!!!! Had given up on local area offerings...

      What are their hours?

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        Closed by 7PM.

        Closed Sundays, I believe.

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          close sundays, closes at 6pm on weeknights, not sure about sat probably the same. they just started selling the macarons, so some days they'll have it and some days maybe not. he's a perfectionist so if it's not up to his standards he'll not sell them. i know he's still experimenting, but the ones i've tried so far are really good. also, his other desserts are very good too, but keep in mind, only americans love their pastires and cakes oozing sugar, so if you like Hansen's cakes etc, this is not the place for you.

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            You really know about this place! What else do you like there? Do they do a good cheesecake?

        2. Thanks for the tip. Was just at Pierre Herme and tried them, but agree they were a bit sweet (although some other pastries there really blew my mind). Can't wait to head downtown to try these.

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            Ya i had 2 of the other pastries from Pierre Herme and they were excellent.

          2. Any other bakeries you enjoy or like? This place seems to get all your love. Do they make cannoli by any chance or a good cream puff?

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              There are a few other bakeries I do like, but more for specific things, cathay bakeries cake with the flaky crusts in between, sweet lady janes, three berry cake, korean bakeries cheesecakes, some of the chinese breads at 85 degrees in irvine etc. Frances just happens to consistently deliver on certain items, like their fruit tart, strawberry napoleon, creme brulee, chocolate croissants, choclate hazelnut cake, etc. As for your question about cheesecake, i like the rare cheesecake at Frances because it is different, however if you really like rich tasting cheesecake, frances version might not be rich enough. Their cream puffs are pretty good, as well as their flan. However, i'm unsure if it is the best cream puff available, beard papa's chain cookie crust cream puff is pretty good. No cannoli's sorry, they are more french influenced.

            2. 2nd the love for Frances Bakery. Just can't stop craving for their Macarons and cakes. It's as good as it gets.