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Jan 12, 2010 08:24 PM

Recommendations for a pre-symphony dinner near Place des Arts?

I don't know the area too well and I'm looking for a meal near place des arts; walking distance is preferable but a short cab ride is no biggie. I'm open to any suggestions... BYOW would definitely be a big plus but Italian to Indian - it's all good.


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  1. You're well within walking distance of Chinatown, where there are many options (Keung Kee is my favourite, but you'll find many other recommendations if you do a search of this board). There's a restaurant in the Theatre du Nouveau Monde across the street from PdA, which is supposed to be decent (although I've never been, but it is run by the Holder brothers). For Italian, there's Le Latini (might be a little pricey for what you're looking for, unless they have a pre-theatre menu), but there's also the pizza place next door (Pizza a Nizza?). I know there are many other options, but my coffee hasn't fully kicked in yet...

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      Keung Kee - burners on the tables. I'm a huge fan

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        Da Pizza a Nizza is a french restaurant (mostly provencal) with a bit of moroccan and italian influences.

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          You can tell I haven't been there for a very very long time...I had no idea they were no longer a pizzeria!

      2. Yes, based on your criterias, there are too many options, you should be more specific. But close to PDA, I second that the TNM resto is good, in the mid-pricy range. I also heard good things about the new MAC restaurant (Le contemporain).

        If you're looking to spend less, Chinatown is a good option. For BYO, I think the closest one is Amelio's, a pretty good Pizza place in the McGill Ghetto, a short walk away.

        Another option I like for the the Place Des Arts area is Nyxs (I'm sure I got the spelling wrong), a nice pub on Bleury, below St-Cath. For the price, good pub food, beer, and even wine by the glass. But it is a pub and popular 5-7 place, so it is noisy (but not unbearably so.)

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          More specific eh? Well we like a lot of different food so I figured I'd see what everyone was diggin in the area. China town sounds very plausible, I suspect there may be some BYO's down there. I'll do some searching on the boards. There's an Indian place on St. Laurent like just south of Sherbrooke that I've heard of. Any idea?

          1. re: decadent

            It's been nearly two years since I ordered butter chicken to go at that restaurant, service was friendly, the food average, nothing exceptionnal. The place itself isn't the cleanest and thus, not very inviting. Or at least that's what I think whenever I pass by.

            1. re: nonpareils

              That indian restaurant, Du Pain de l'Inde has completed its renovation and viewing from outside the place looks really fancy.

              I have never eaten there due to the shaggy exterior.

        2. If you are looking to splurge I would recommend Pullman (a wine bar with tapas like food).

          If price is a consideration I would highly recommend Provisions on St-Laurent which offers awesome bang for the buck.

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            Provisions looks pretty cool, I'll keep it in mind. thanks

          2. As far as I know, the closest BYOB to PDA is Amelio's pizzeria, corner of Milton and Ste-Famille in the McGill ghetto.

            If you're willing to hop the metro (Beaudy station) or take a short cab ride down de Maisonneuve, O'Thym is a decent BYOB on the western edge of the Village.

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              Deer Garden in Chinatown is a BYOW (St-Laurent corner Rene-Lévesque), but perhaps not the kind of place I'd like to go before a symphony concert :-). I remember S&P calamaris were good, the rest didn't impress much. Closed tuesdays.

              Not too far away are 2 French BYOW, Grenadine (, closed until feb 2) and Macao (