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Jan 12, 2010 08:19 PM

House made pasta in SF

I'm in town for work and am craving a fresh pasta dish (ideally, one with truffle butter or white truffles, but any simple fresh pasta dish would be great). What's my best bet for relatively casual (business casual is as good as I'm going to be dressed) Italian in the city, someplace I can get in on a weeknight with a same day reservation? Thanks.

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  1. My favorites for fresh pasta are La Ciccia and Incanto. Downtown, Perbacco.

    1. Fresh pasta + truffle makes me think Perbacco:

      There's an agnolotti filled with bone marrow and mushrooms, topped with truffle butter that sounds unreal... maybe I need to get back there soon too.

      1. we had an excellent fresh pasta with white truffle (recently harvested in the Piemonte) in early Dec. at SPQR. the chef who succeeded Appleman at SPQR apparently loves making pasta on their fancy machine, and according to the server that was one shift in the menu when the chefs changed. the place is (Pacific Hts.) casual and very loud w. excellent wines, if you haven't been there before.

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          Second SPQR. Their fresh stuffed pastas are the best I have had in SF.

        2. Ideale is excellent, though only some of their pastas are fresh made. Definitely don't miss Perbacco if you're working downtown. I had a lovely white truffle covered pasta there awhile ago.