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Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins!

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I heard a rumor that they're selling the original Jordan Marsh blueberry muffin at Jordan's Furniture in Avon. Jordan's currently exhibiting the Enchanted Village from Jordan Marsh till the middle of January.

Feel free to confirm the rumor!

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  1. Confirmed! Don't be alarmed when you see them and think they're sham JM muffins. They are smaller than they used to be and because of that, the tops aren't square. (They used to overfill the pans so the muffin tops ran into each other and they had to cut them apart, hence the square shape.) They taste like the originals, though, with the crusty sugary top and moist cake filled with huge blueberries. I bought an extra box, which is in the freezer, but might have to go back for more before they close the Enchanted Village.( If you walk through it, check out the demonic looks on some of the animatronic kids' faces. It's more like The Demented Village.) All in all, a cool experience.

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      F.Y.I., The Enchanted Village is scheduled to close on Monday, January 18th. Not sure if they're gonna sell the muffins after it closes, so this weekend is probably gonna be your last chance to get them this year. They're being made by Montillio's & the original Jordan Marsh baker is personally supervising the baking to make sure they're done to his standards.