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Jan 12, 2010 06:54 PM

Frozen Yogurt By The Ounce

I'm out in California this week and ran across a couple of shops here that sell FroYo self service, by weight. They have several machines, you get a cup, and dispense as much as you want of whatever flavors you want. You can add toppings, and then they weight your creation. 34 cents/ounce.

I like the idea because I can get a small portion for a couple of dollars instead of a meal sized portion for $4.50. Has anyone run across such as shop in our area? The place whose wares I sampled tonight is called White Tara, which apparently is a Buddhist thing. This shop is run by a Japanese family.

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  1. Hey, Mike. All I know of is Caliyogurt and Yogi Castle, both in Gaithersburg, literally across the street from each other. Both less than $.40/ounce! I prefer Caliyogurt because they have more fruity flavors, and Yogi Castle specializes in the more chocolatey, rich flavors.

    The Caliyogurt in Adams Morgan, btw, does NOT have pay-by-the-ounce froyo.

    1. It's funny you mention this. I was in Friendship Heights a few weeks back, and I noticed that they converted part of the Booeymonger's there to a yogurt-by-weight shop. Looked like they had a bunch of different flavors, but I didn't get a good look.

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        Yes - I tried this place a couple months ago and it was great. They were even offering free hot fudge after you paid for it, that day. I put on a ton, too much in fact. I loved that I only had to spend $2.25 instead of $4 or more there. It's at the corner of Wisconsin Ave and Jennifer Street I think it is... across from Mazza Gallery.

      2. Berry Cup in Rockville Town Square has buy the ounce

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          I'm glad to see that the idea is getting around. Maybe some day the yogurt places, few as they are, in the Falls Church/Annandale area will catch on. I guess that what they need in order for a shop like this to be successful is either a bunch of freezers or just one or two with limited yogurt flavors and an assortment of toppings. I think this one in Monrovia CA that I was in last night had seven freezers, each loaded with two flavors and which included "Original tangy plain" which was indeed tangy. The Dutch Chocolate was the most chocolate yogurt I've ever tasted, but it still had a bit of tang underneath. Most excellent!

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            Fruity Yogurt in Tyson's Corner (second floor on a wing) has a variety of flavors of self serve frozen yogurt and toppings sold by the ounce. It was 48 cents an ounce when I was there in December

        2. New place just opened in Penn Quarter, Fro Zen Yo:

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            I've been to FroZenYo - it is wonderful. It's actually on F street between 10th and 11th, close to Fords Theater. They have the free hot fudge at the moment for the grand opening. Tart and Sweet flavors and lots of toppings. The fruit still tasted a bit frozen... my only complaint.

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              I happened to walk by this place last weekend on way my to Tangysweet, so I tried it out for the first time. There was a big crowd in there. They have a ton of different flavors, some sugar free, some fat free. Vanilla, chocolate, tart, blueberry, grapefruit, lemon, that's only about half that were on tap. They let you sample the flavors, which is nice.
              On the toppings, they had fruits and cereals and nuts, including mochi, plus some squeeze bottles of chocolate, caramel, whipped cream A very good selection, I must say. Fruit didn't look super inviting on a whole, but my kiwi was fine.
              Definitely a fun stop.

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                New one in Bethesda. Don't know the name. Only spent $2.75. You can add toppings also. Not on Bethesda Avenue. On the next street next to Mama Lucia's

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                  I think it's called Yogiberry (on Elm St.) -- we wandered in and were pleased.

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                    Been back to Yogiberry a couple of times and definitely recommend the fruit flavors. So far we've liked strawberry, blood orange, and lychee (but the chocolate, oreo, etc. have been so-so-- tasted more like 1970s fro-yo).

                    1. re: Doh

                      I believe it's Yogiberry that's opening in Gaithersburg where the Smoothie King used to be (next to the CVS in the worlds worst stripmall).

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                  I've been to FroZenYo three times now. The first time I went, they had "tangy" flavors, which I love, including my favorite, green tea. They also had lots of other flavors available; they had as many flavors as they had the physical capacity for them.

                  The second time I went, they had plain tangy and blueberry tangy, but no green tea. I was told that batch had spoiled, so they had to throw it out.

                  This week, on the third time I went, they had no tangy flavors at all - and about half of their yogurt tanks were empty.

                  This trend doesn't bode well for the place. Having said that, they have a really convenient location for me and I love tangy frozen yogurt. Quality-wise, I think their yogurt isn't nearly as good as other places available around here (Mr. Yogato, TangySweet, et. al.) I also really like the fact that I can get a yogurt for $2.00 or so, when I don't want very much of it.

              2. Tutti Fruiti in Ellicott City on Rt 40 is pretty good. Nice modern interior and its usually crowded. FroYo changes daily and some good flavors. Ton of toppings, but watch out b/c $5 doesnt go very far.

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                  Does Tutti Fruiti in EC have any sugar free flavors?