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Jan 12, 2010 05:43 PM

Need recs for any must sees at Atwater Market and any restaurants nearby

A friend and I are going to Atwater Market this weekend. Neither of us have ever been there before and I wanted to recs for any things we absolutely should not miss there. As well, we will probably be eating dinner nearby. Any recs for a restaurant would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I like the SAQ in the market for Quebec alcohols. Also, butcher row on the second floor always has something interesting to try, don't forgot to stop by boucheries Les tours and take a look at the new book they have a copy you can browse. Les saveurs de marche has intersting products usually the hot sellers are on the table next to the cash register. I also always stop by the magazine store at the end of the second floor to take a look at the cooking magazines they have. Regal, is one magazine i don't usually find in many other places. The one greengrocer that has an actually shop (not a stand outside) has many interesting and hard to find veggies/mushrooms/fruit and it's hard not to be tempted by the stuff they have on offer. I love getting a mixture of 4-5 different types of wild mushrooms to saute.

    Unfortunately, atwater is not as nice as MJT for browsing and grazing but, if you get to know the shops there are lots of yummy things to be found.

    As for eating in the vaccinity, Joe Beef, liverpool House ,and McKiernan are in the immediate vaccinity or you could head to Mas Cuisine in Verdun or another of the interesting restos that are poping up here in Verdun. Or maybe bitoquet on Notre Dame (portuegese)Not much to eat in the market itself other than pizza and a sushi shop.

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      Good list, hala, though to avoid sending readers on a wild-goose chase, it's Les douceurs du marché (Le marché des saveurs is at Jean Talon Market). To it I'd add the nut vendor at the Les douceurs end of the winter enclosure. Fromagerie du marché Atwater is also worth checking out, and not just for cheese; they've also got some interesting charcuterie, duck products, niçoise olives in bulk, etc. For winos, the SAQ Sélection outlet across the street is also fun to poke around in. Affordable eateries in the area include La maison de kebab and the recently mentioned Gratia Afrika. And it's probably worth noting that Bitoque is a BYOB and, like several of the other restos you mention, open only for dinner.

      1. re: carswell

        Thanks carswell, my brain is blanking on names of stores:(

        How did i forget fromagerie atwater?Ask them to reccomend something good or buy a few slices of jamon bellota for tasting. mmm. Like maisonbistro said, skip your mortgage payment and get it :)

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          Agree with carswell's recommendation regarding the SAQ across the street. If you want to take the time to browse for wines, the selection there is huge.

        2. re: hala

          excellent rec on the greengrocer, hala. In the mushroom selection they usually also have edible flowers available which can be a real presentation treat some times.

          Also, regarding restaurants close by, on Notre Dame, there's Geppetto for a good pizza and Limon for good Mexican (especially in Summer). Excellent Margaritas.

        3. I really love the pizza place... it used to be called Pizz' Ancora, but recently changed names. There's only one though so you should have no trouble finding it. They also sell the dough, frozen, in case you're a lazy person (as I am).