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Just read about this place in Food and Wine. Don't recall having seen it posted before. Googled it and got their menu. This looks like it may be a destination point. Belgian fries, all sorts of defferent sausages and various beers, ales, etc. If anyone has tried this place share the adventure.

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      Thanks a lot Servorg. don't know how I missed that one. Still looks like a place I'mn at least going to give a try.

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        Very close to my office. Give me a buzz if you need help!

    2. If you like sausage it deserves your attention.
      All sausages are charbroiled with a choice of toppings and the Belgian fries are perfection. My favorites are the Kielbasa and Louisiana hot link.
      Kind of beer hall seating and atmosphere.

      I still can't pronounce the place properly.

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        IMHO the only order worth placing is for the near-perfect brat and an order of fries. All other sausages seem to be on the menu in order to justify having a 'sausage-only' menu.

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          I started this thread by referring to a review in Food and Wine and I wish to apologize for a misstatement. The Review was in Bon Appetit, January issue page 31 where the writer vouches for the Filipino Maharika pork sausage with carmelized onions. That is what sort of got me going. Anyone else out there tried that particular sausage and do you agree or disagree with the review?

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            I broke my own rules (always order the brat) and got the Filipino sausage a couple weeks back. Was hoping for a longhinasa-type sausage but really it just tasted like a slightly sweet brat with a slightly higher (but not spicy) dose of peppers.

      2. We went during lunch hour on a work day and the line was going out the door. Having said that, the 'dog was great, the fries were amazing, and I would have killed for a big beer and more time. It looks like a great hipster pickup spot as well (sadly, I'm not hip). Have fun.

        1. This place is great. It wasn't all that crowded when I went. I had the veggie chorizo I think (I know - not sausage!) - but it was delicious. I thought the prices were high, but I had a fun time and didn't mind. The fries are definitely a do.

          1. My favorite is the mango jalapeno sausage. And the chipotle aioli dipping sauce for the fries is nice. But for me, its a pricey lunch. And the waits can be bad, particularly for Friday lunch. Enjoy.

            1. Finally had a chance to try this place a couple weekends ago. I loved it! Reminded me of a Father's Office for Sausages. They have great beer on tap (German/Belgian + some others). Their Austin Blues Sausage was fantastic, and I also really liked the Rattlesnake and Rabbit one. Great fries as well. Prices are reasonable IMO ($6 for sausage and $2.50-$4 for fries).

              Though waiting in line (which their was a long one on Sat. night) to order kinda sucked, especially, since you have to "hawk" a table first and then have one of your party order (in the back) - and on top of that, the line snakes outside, so you have to be sneaky with your beer! The owner did come by with a plate of Mango Jalapeno sausages to sample which helped!

              BTW, the owner told me it's pronounced with a "k" sound.

              1. Love this place. Regular brat and some Belgian fries for me.

                1. I've been a few times now and love the place.

                  1. Here is my review that was posted on another site.

                    They have a very limited menu and basically what you get here is a glorified hot dog. But how glorious? You'll spend a couple bucks more than at Pink's but you'll get a savory sausage on a specially baked wiener roll that will deliver 10 times more gustatory satisfaction than Pink's. It's was that good! And the ambiance beats Pink's by a country mile. The place is housed in a very old building whose spacious interior has been rendered into a comfy mix of modern high design and retro industrial.

                    There are about 20 varieties of sausages in natural casings to choose from. They range from the familiar, such as bratwurst or Italian sausages to the ultra exotic with ingredients like rattlesnake or alligator. There are also 3 vegetarian varieties. You get to choose 2 toppings from either carmelized onions, sauerkraut, sauteed sweet peppers or spicy peppers. There are self serve squeeze bottles with ketchup and 4 varieties of mustard. The only side dish here is their "Belgian" fries which come in a large or small order and are served in a paper cone. With the fries you get a choice of 10 different dipping sauces.

                    Once you have placed your order at the front counter, you are given a number to place on your table. When ready, your food is brought to you. I was in the ordering line about 5 minutes and in another 10 minutes or so my order arrived. This was a Sunday afternoon when it was not crowded and the large dining area was just over half full.

                    One caution: Don't plan on eating here if you can't or won't eat salty food. The fries came heavily salted and saltiness is a given with sausages.

                    I had the bockwurst topped with onions and peppers which was excellent along with a small order of fries with the bleu cheese-walnut-bacon dip. That came to about $9 + tax. The fries were very good but that dip was really the star. The only thing I missed was a good pickle spear to accompany the sandwich. I got a glass of tap water from their self-serve tank and noticed it had a faint but pleasant floral taste which I couldn't identify. I asked about it and was told that the water is infused with sliced cucumbers. Rather unusual but a nice touch.

                    1. I work within walking distance and it can be an expensive lunch depending on if 1 or 2 sausages will satisfy your hunger along with the requisite fries. I also went on a Saturday night where they are a victim of their own popularity in that you are encouraged to free up your table both by the bus boy and the those circling for a table when you would like to kick back and enjoy some more beer and the vibe when your food is done.

                      1. I am not a fan of sausage by any means, but my husband really wanted me to try it out and i LOVED it.
                        We were 3 and shared 6 dogs with some fries(which are great and the sauces too!) this was a while ago, but the rabbit one was by far my favourite, delicious! and i recommend it to anyone willing to wait in line and fight for a table.
                        Plus they have Unibroue beer which reminds me of home so, happiness all around...

                        1. The fries are fantastic and brats are good too. Be brave and try the rattlesnake/rabbit brat... you'll be glad you did.

                          1. Hugh - be glad to go with you any time you want to.
                            Went after an LA Philharmonic Saturday matinee concert at Disney Hall, had a duck jalapeno as well as a brat and one other that escapes me, shared by two. all were very good, yet later found out that Brat Bros in S/O makes the sausages for the place!!!
                            Food finally got there, along with 2 orders of fries, and turned around and who was staring at me, but 5 members of the orchestra doing their post concert meal!!!
                            Eat where the LA Phil eats!!!
                            Definitely worth going. Take the subway, and the gold line to Little Tokyo stop on the east side line and you are within 2 blocks of the place.
                            Highly recommended.

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                            1. re: carter

                              "all were very good, yet later found out that Brat Bros in S/O makes the sausages for the place!!!"

                              Carter, where'd you find this info?

                              1. re: ns1

                                Now nearly a year later, I see this post/request.
                                Cannot for the life of me can I remember, but here is the B/Bros menu - any similarity?!

                                1. re: carter


                                  I have never been to Wurstkuche, so wanted to know if anyone can confirm that they taste the same. Looked at both menus, some look same others don't?

                                  800 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

                                  1. re: ns1

                                    I would say they they are the same but the Folks at Brat Brothers Cooks them more consistently which makes them better then the ones at Wurstkuche.

                                    800 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

                                    1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                                      in that case, I'm glad BB is only 10 minutes away

                                      1. re: ns1

                                        If you go strictly for the sausage, and you find items on the BB menu that have appeal, then go there.
                                        However, the allure/visuals/ambience is minus 2.
                                        Wurstkuche is about the total package, meaning with the beer, with the fries, and the comraderie of the communal tables in the Arts District, none of which apply to the BB location in S/O, which I can also walk to, yet have never, and in fact doubt I ever will.

                                        800 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

                                      2. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                                        Not to muddy the waters further, but one of the guys at Brat Brothers told me once they source their sausages from an Orange County butcher. I didn't pry, but I was curious since I live in OC.

                              2. since, while going to berkeley, i worked at top dog, this place is a MUST TRY for me.
                                thank you for alerting me.

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                                  You worked at Top Dog?!?!?!?!? That is AWESOME!!!!! I practically pitch a tent and roll out lawn chairs in front of Top Dog and binge with my friends every time I'm up in Berkeley. lol

                                  Definitely try this place but don't expect the eye-popping, swooning flavor of a Top Dog to be there in its entirety.

                                  1. re: mrshankly

                                    this place is so much better than top dog...and you can have a good beer with it

                                2. The fries are good, but I don't think they're as good as Benita's Frites was. As for the sausages, I've tried some of their exotic meat sausages, and so far the only one I really liked was the buffalo - very flavorful and robust, though I can't say it's worth the extra cost over a good non-exotic sausage (which I have yet to try). The rest were fair at best - the rattlesnake/rabbit didn't have much flavor beyond salt, and the alligator was very dry (and also oversalted), easily the worst of the bunch. A friend also had the duck/bacon, and said it was better than the rattlesnake/rabbit, but not as good as the buffalo.

                                  I also wish they'd offer thinly sliced pickles (not relish) as a topping.

                                  I love the place for the things they do well. But so far, that's not a very long list. It's also a tad pricey for what you get. But still I keep going back...

                                  1. I like the vegetarian sausages and the truly hot grilled peppers they put on the sausages. To my tastes, the fries are about as good as fries get. The dipping sauces on the side are good too. And they pour up some of the best beers in the world (e.g., St Bernardus 12 on tap).

                                    1. Place is great. Limited, but great. The classic brat is the best, but I like the Austin Blues (spicy) and the buffalo. My friend who is Filipino had the Filipino sausage and said it was perfect.
                                      Fries are good, get them with the truffle oil.
                                      GREAT selection of Belgian beers, some German, a few other choices and lots of fancy sodas.
                                      Gets insane at peak time.

                                      1. Checked it out saturday at lunch...luckily found a spot right in front...place was fairly busy, esp for a saturday afternoon in downtown la.

                                        sausages were all decent, but really small and a little too dry for my taste...fries were excellent. didn't have any beer, but they had a nice selection.

                                        seems more like a glorified bar than a restaurant, imo. 26 for three dogs, one small fries and tap water is a little steep for me...better than the 1.50 costco dog - yes...but not that much better!

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                                          I totally concur. Sausages are decent, but always a little dry for my taste. LOVE the fries.

                                        2. Ate here Monday 1/25 at 1115am: rattlesnake/rabbit/jalepeño w/ sauerkraut & onion, fries w/ "white truffle oil glaze" and bleu cheese walnut bacon dipping sauce (particular sausage, and dipping sauce, on employee recommendation). Now that I've typed this out I realize that there was just too much flavor going on. But a few notes on the food itself.

                                          The sausage was very good, and I should have added onions and maybe peppers, instead of sauerkraut, which fought with the flavor of the sausage. I usually use mustard on something like this, and I very much enjoyed it without mustard. The fries I had were not good: not quite 'soggy', but certainly not crisp; not quite 'burnt', but certainly overdone, and with the appearance of sad, fat sweet potato fries. The "white truffle oil glaze" appears to be a spritz of cheap truffle-infused olive oil -- there was a little (~150ml) bottle of it at the fry-prep table. Regardless, no truffle flavor with the fries. I see people raving about these fries, so I'm inclined to think that I got a bad batch. Cooked wrong. And an old batch of truffle oil. Or something. I pine ever more for the good days of Benita's. Bel Frites (San Luis Obispo) isn't as good as Benita's, but is ten times better -- reciprocally better, rather -- than the Wurstküche fries I had.

                                          I'll come back to this place for the location, atmosphere (would like to see it on a busy night instead of a lazy Monday morning), other crazy sausages, maybe another shot at the fries, and a $250 Methusalem of Duvel Special. It's the kind of place that makes you look hip for knowing about, at least among people not familiar with this part of the city.

                                          1. Been about 6 times, my wife & I love this place.
                                            We always visit during "off'" hours, the wait can be very long otherwise.
                                            We always order the same things, can only speak for the ones we love: Brat, Kielbasa, Fries & tasty tap beers.
                                            I have to really chime in for their dessert...the Ice Cream Cookie by Coolhaus...OUTSTANDING!

                                            1. i dont know what all the fuss is about. The sausages (which they dont make themselves) are average at best. This place has become a scene and its the hip place to go and eat. If you are just judging on food alone, i think its mediocre.

                                              1. Was taken to WurstKuche this weekend and really enjoyed it. Got there late afternoon so there was no line. I had the Rattlesnake & Rabbit w/Jalapeno and friends got the Mango Jalapeno and Vegetarian Chipotle. http://www.wurstkucherestaurant.com/E...

                                                The Rattlesnake was the overall winner. Savory and juicy with some nice herbs. The casing had a nice snap. I asked for hot peppers and onions as toppings. The peppers weren't too hot so did not overwhelm the sausage.

                                                Mango Jalapeno (chicken & turkey sausage) was sweet and not hot. I thought it was just ok. Probably on par with the chicken sausage you can get in 5 packs at Trader Joe's. I did not try the Vegetarian Chipotle, but the vegetarian in our midst was very pleased. He was excited that there were options for him.

                                                The fries were outstanding. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Nice and hot. The chipotle ketchup was good, as were the variety of mustards available. Did not try the truffle oil.

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                                                  I've gone a few times over the last year or so. Not bad by any means, but not life fulfilling either. Think of it as a Gen-X version of Pink's only MUCH MUCH louder - and I'm taking into account the noise on La Brea.

                                                  As has been mentioned, don't go if you expect to linger - that happens while you're on line waiting to order.