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Jan 12, 2010 04:01 PM

Where to find Bitters (SEA)

I am looking to make some drinks at home that call for bitters (specifically orange). Does anybody have any idea where I might find a store that has any in stock in the Seattle area.

So far I have contacted:
Univ. Liquor Store
Northgate Liquor Store
Sodo Liquor Store
Univ. QFC
Roosevelt QFC
and Roosevelt Safeway.

All are out of stock.

Where do the restaurants and bars get em?


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  1. Try DeLaurenti in Pike Place - they've been suggested before for bitters-hunters.

    1. (PDX_) I know it's not Seattle but At the Meadow has a great selection of bitters.

      1. I am pretty sure I have bought them at Metropolitan Market and seen them at DeLaurenti's. I have also bought them online at amazon (amazon is local!) when mailing gifts to folks. I got a fun set of 6 different bitters flavors to send as gifts one year.

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        1. re: cocktailhour

          Amazon has a good selection; unfortunately it has to be shipped, which costs 80% of the actual product. I plan on giving DeLaurenti's, Metro, and Whole Foods a call this afternoon.

          1. re: cocktailhour

            DeLaurenti's wins. They had a very good selection of bitters. Hooray.

          2. Our own dear has some good bitters recipes easy and fun to make

            1. Hey Mike, I was at the Broadway (Capitol Hill) liquor store yesterday & they were fully stocked with Regan's Orange Bitters. Go get 'em!