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I want to get married in a pub (Toronto)!!

My fiance and I want to find a nice pub with a great atmosphere for a sunday afternoon wedding. We both love great beer and great food but finding something that can accomodate 80 people for drinks and appetizers is proving difficult. Any ideas would be most appreciated!!

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  1. Try Ceili Cottage. I'm not sure if they can do 80, but if it's standing room, that might work. It's a lovely place, though more quaint than pub.

    Food and Interior shots are here:

    http://www.foodpr0n.com/ -- food. is. love.

    Ceili Cottage
    1301 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

    1. Will this be in the summer? The Granite Brewery does weddings and they have an outdoor courtyard where a ceremony could be held. There's an underground parking garage, Green P parking nearby and it's fairly easily accessible by TTC.

      Gets mixed comments on the board but I like the beer and have had no problem with the food.


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        it's not exactly a pub. But, it's a brewery? The Steamwhistle is a great venue and they host weddings and other events that would certainly accommodate 80 people. Duggan's just opened as well on Victoria Street and they might be able to handle it as well?

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          I second the Granite Brewery. Went to a wedding there a couple of years ago. They had the ceremony on the back patio and dinner in the dining room. Food was okay but I think everyone was there for the beer! It's a nice venue.

        2. My friends got married at The Paddock on Bathurst just South of Queen St W.

          It was very nice! Great beer and food in a nice atmosphere.

          1. If you're looking to get married once the weather warms up, Betty's on King might be a good bet. They have a larger room with wooden tables and a large patio that backs on to it. Food is decent and they have party menus available.

            1. My Place - A Canadian Pub is a pretty big pub. Food is pretty good and a decent draught list. Might fit your criteria.

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                  Here's a link to private party info for the Irish Embassy and PJ O'Brien's.


                  Looks like PJ O'Brien's may not be available Sunday. The Irish Embassy would be a really nice space for a wedding.

                2. I recently went to a wedding reception, on the lower level at the Duke of York. There wasn't alot of food served, but the Duke has your basic bar foods. They do have a decent selection of beers.