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Jan 12, 2010 01:58 PM

Dairy Free Dessert in SEA?

Was all set to visit to Yellowleaf and found out they have no dairy free options. Any suggestions for cupcakes or any other dessert that can be found in the downtown area that are dairy free?

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  1. Probably a stretch on "downtown area", but Cafe Flora has some really spectacular desserts, including vegan options.

    1. Cinnamon Works at Pike Place is the first place that comes to my mind.

      1. Bang Bang on Western carries Mighty-O's vegan donuts...not positive, but I think they may have other vegan pastries as well.

        Not downtown, but not terribly far away: Flying Apron in Fremont.

        Oh yeah, just remembered - Whole Foods! Their bakery rocks a really nice vegan cake.

        1. Da Vinci's Bakery

          Edit: Oh nevermind. Didn't read the "downtown" part.