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Jan 12, 2010 01:48 PM

Baires Grill on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. Nice lunch!

Last Saturday ( that cold, wet, disgusting day, brrr... ) left the movie theatre on Lincoln Road looking for a soothing lunch without having to move the car. We were very pleased to find Baires Grill on the same block, since we were really in the mood for some cold weather comfort food ie: red wine and steak frites. So it's Argentine, not French, but it really filled the bill.

Shockingly tasteful room for Lincoln Road, nice simple decor, cosy booths, long bar. We decided to sit at the bar,( and watch some inter-regional Italian soccer too! Go Siena! ) and ordered glasses of the pinot noir. I had an arugula salad, which was crisp and tangy and very nice, but my husband's pear/gorgonzola mesclun plate was really terrific and I had a bit of salad envy. ( the pear was poached and stuffed with the cheese / mousse ).
I ordered a flap steak medium rare, and it came out perfectly charred outside and nice and red inside - the meat was really flavorful. Husband had a half chicken, boned and grilled flat, lots of flavor, and moist too. A little side condiment tray with chimichurri type sauces was provided. Good bread with nice seasoned butter.
Very gracious staff. Apparently they moved from Washington Ave, though I don't remember them, hoping for more traffic on the Road. Right now there's the drawback of the construction of that new pedestrian section right in front of them, but once it's done it should be a lovely spot for outside dining too. It's nice to see another more upscale place there, and it's perfect for meal/movie combo.

Baires Grill
1116 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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  1. I had a great dinner at Baires this past weekend. The pedestrian section is now open and the place was packed. We started with the soup of the day, a pureed bacon and garbanzo bean soup, which was really smoky and delicious. Then we shared two of the empanadas, ham & cheese and spinach. The empanadas were grilled, not baked or fried. I'm a sucker for anything spinach, and the ham&cheese was delicious too. DH had the filet mignon special, which came with a side of the arugula salad, some thin fried potato strips, and a blueberry-malbec sauce. I had one tasty bite, and he really enjoyed it. I had the skirt steak, medium with a simple mixed salad. The steak was cooked perfectly, although I had to salt it a little. The salad was fresh romaine, tomatoes, and onion. Nothing too exciting, but very fresh. There were several different salads on the menu as well as some pasta dishes in addition to the typical Argentinean meats.
    Like the OP said, its a great addition to the area and perfect for a dinner&movie night.