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Jan 12, 2010 01:48 PM

Dinner in the Financial District

As a Sonoma County girl, I'm not as familiar with the lay of the land in the city as I probably should be. I'm meeting an out of town friend for dinner tomorrow night. She's staying at the Le Meridien and I'm assuming we'll want someplace near there for dinner. I'm familiar with the Ferry Building, but is there anywhere else within an easy walk of the hotel that shouldn't be missed? Any kind of food - cost isn't really an issue. Thanks for your help!!

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  1. Perbacco -- upscale Italian -- is just a couple of blocks from Le Meridien.

    1. Perbacco--Italian, just around the corner on California Street
      Kokkari - Greek/Mediterranean is about two blocks away on Front Street
      Wexlers - BBQ, just up the street on Sacramento
      One Market - at the foot of Market, about four blocks away

      There are a bunch of others but these are the closest, I believe, and all are good. If I had to pick one, I'd go to Perbacco.

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        Aqua! Hmmm. California and Battery. Fantastic seafood.

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          Aqua is in a lot of chaos right now, and would not be my pick. I like the suggestions of Perbacco and Kokkari, and I'd also suggest the new location of Quince, which is not far away on Pacific. Quince is the most upscale of the three.

          230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

      2. I'll second Perbacco. Maybe consider a modest walk to Boulevard.

        I like Le Meridien. It's close to all forms of mass transit so don't limit yourself to the Financial District.

        1. 1) Perbacco - great Italian
          2) Boulevard - great fancy
          3) Kokkari - high end Greek

          All three amazing for food. Perbacco bar is great spot to people watch. Boulevard counter seats are great to watch the line cooks. I wouldprobably opt for Kokkari just because it's more difficult to find really good Greek food (and it's a really warm setting that can't help but put you in a good mood)

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            Another vote for Perbacco, Boulevard, and Kokkari, all places will not disappoint.

            Bix is another great spot, straightforward but delicious American food, supper club atmosphere, jazz during dinner.

          2. Thank you all so much! I knew I could count on you to point me in the right direction! I'm looking forward to a yummy dinner, wherever we end up!