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Jan 12, 2010 01:20 PM

AVL - Stovetrotters - Biltmore Village - closes
This article in today's Citizen-Times talks about the closing. I dined there for lunch & dinner... If you are from out of town and reading this and thinking "Oh, no, there are no good restaurants left open in Asheville!" this is NOT the case. Many restaurants are thriving...Zambra, Admiral and Corner Kitchen to name just a few...there are good and great restaurants that are doing well and even expanding to other locations like Tupelo Honey and 12 Bones.....I am still convinced that in tough economic times the best restaurants will survive. This means: hands on management and careful control of expenses; good customer service; good food; and good prices

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  1. Leah, you are so right, but that is still sad news.

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      Stovetrotters was pretty bad last time we went. And we were the only people there. I had a feeling is was not going to last. Too bad I guess b/c other times we ate there is was really good. But our last meal there put me off. Too expensive of a place not to have consistent quality.

      The other thing that always bugged me about Stovetrotters...I feel like I never saw any advertising from them at all. I think they really needed that with their slightly off-the-beaten path location.

      I am still keeping my fingers crossed that Curras re-opens with a menu more along the lines of their Austin location. I think they would really succeed with that formula.