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Jan 12, 2010 01:01 PM

Delivery around Dundas & Ossington

Hi Everyone, I tried posting this in another thread, but it was kindly suggested that I start a new thread. So here it goes...I just moved into the Dundas and Ossington neighbourhood, and although I've been to some great restaurants in the area, I'm having trouble finding someone that delivers. If you know of any restaurants that do deliver to the area, I'd love to hear about them. I have no real preference on type or cost, it could be Italian, Thai, Indian Korean - doesn't matter as long as it's good. Late night delivery is a real plus.

Thanks all.

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  1. I wonder if King Slice would deliver there? They're located at Bloor and Dundas West and make a mean pizza. It would be worth calling them to find out.

    King Slice
    1598 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P1A7, CA

    1. It looks like you're within the delivery area for Roma and they're open til 4 am. I've only ever dined in there but the pizza was excellent so, hopefully, delivery experience would be good too.

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      1. Sukhothai delivers for us to Bathurst and Dundas, but charges $3 on small orders. Totally worth it if you ask me.

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          ossington is quite a bit further than bathurst for a small east end place like theirs.

          you're just within mt everests' delivery zone though and i quite enjoy their food though i find the portions a bit small for my liking/cost. there's a nice complexity to their flavours and the momo's are very good compared to the others i've had around town. i prefer their thinner skins over the much more thicker and rustic versions.

        2. If you want Indian, Banjara is a good choice, and their menu is online. I usually order King Lobster (which used to be called Happy Seven) for Chinese...I don't know how late they deliver but they are open until about 4 or 5 am, so they might do late night delivery. They also have the best General Tao's chicken I've ever had. Roma doesn't have my favourite pizza, but it's definitely the best your going to get at 3 in the morning. The best pizza delivery during the day is definitely Massimo's....their margheurita is not exactly traditional like Libretto's (which is still my #1 food choice in the area), but it is awesome nonetheless.

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            Vinny Massimos (formerly Massimos sort of) is good but sadly inconsistent. When it was Massimos the product was always the same - they had 3 or 4 slices and that was it. I get pizza from there at least 3 times a month, usually with the same or similar toppings and about 1/4 times it's really not very good. Crust will be thick one week and thin the next; toppings sparse one week and abundant the next, etc.

          2. I live at Dundas/ are our go to places for those lazy nights...some are nothing to write home about but at the very least they are all satisfying and reliable and not Dominos/Pizza Pizza...

            Banjara (Indian)

            One of a Kind (Italian-i think its great value for the cost)

            Amicos (My favorite of all the greasy pizza joints in the area, deliver really late on weekends)

            Vinny Massimos (better pizza, doesnt deliver as late)

            Sushi on Bloor and New Generation deliver out here but it takes awhile (1hour+)...Sushi Bon on college also delivers here...none of them are spectacular but imho are passable and at least with Sushi Bon your food will likely arrive quickly

            Wing Company (Only had it once and it was ok but if you want wings it will do)

            I have yet to find any decent chinese food that delivers out here.

            You can also checkout and see what places in their system deliver to your (our) area.

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                I find and sites like it tend to have a pretty weak selection (it seems to be mostly Thai food for some reason); I usually just try my luck by calling different places to see if they deliver. I don't know if Mazz sushi delivers, but they are at Bloor and Westmoreland between Oss. and Dufferin, and they have excellent sushi, definitely worth the short trip.

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                  I used to live at Queen and ossington. Pizza I would go with Pizza GiGi. Pretty tast cheap and they deliver till 4 30.
                  Also I moved out a year ago but Sweet Lulu was great value. It looks expensive but you get a lot of food and it's not all noodles
                  I also have to second One of a Kind. it's a great delivery value and a pretty good dinner date place.