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Jan 12, 2010 12:58 PM

Vegas Report: Enoteca San Marco

Summary: What an amazing bargain, and we give a thumbs up to a good percentage of the items on the menu. We went twice this trip, and brought back some take out for a midnight snack on New Years’ Eve, so we’ve sampled a good bit.

General Notes:
* It is MUCH more enjoyable to eat inside the restaurant than in the mall section, especially if you’re not a fan of the big singing production that takes place every hour!
* We think this would be an excellent place to go with a large group and sample a lot of the small dishes on the menu.
* Note discounted gift certificates are available on

Would definitely get these again:
* Calzone - ridiculously good, but does feel like it's missing the tomato sauce
* Bucatini alla amatriciana - delicious, noodles a little underdone, all the goodies in the sauce are great
* Rigatoni with pork belly and Swiss chard – delicious
* Arancine – good and creamy center
* Frittelle di Proscuitto – nice spicy kick
* Proscuitto Arugula pizza – perfect blend of flavors

Could recommend these
* Lentils – marinated in a red wine vinegar – I LOVE these—I think they have a great flavor, but I am a big fan of lentils.
* Gelatos
* Fried cauliflower – I generally dislike cauliflower, but the server suggested it, so we gave it a go. It was good, which is saying a lot. We thought it could have used a side dipping sauce. It was a little too straightforward. It did grow on us, as any little lightly battered and fried food probably would.

Would pass on these
* Gnoccho Fritto – too salty
* Sunchoke, almond and toma salad – only ok
* Caprese salad with burrata, pesto and tomato. I’m a huge fan of all the elements of this dish, but it was a bomb. Most importantly, they served the cheese too cold (cheese s/b at room temp to be at its best). The tomatoes were out of season (hey, it is January, but take it off the menu if you can’t do it right.) Pesto was lackluster.
* Veal and ricotta meatballs were just ok – nothing special
* Pancetta and goat cheese pizza – also just ok

Enoteca San Marco
3355 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. We had a horrible meal there last Christmas, but your report might convince me to give it another try. BTW: I enjoyed your series of reports!

    1. Thanks for the review. We like Enoteca San Marcos quite a bit, and we have gone with groups or 6 and 8. You are absolutely is great to order almost everything on the menu and share. We actually like the atmosphere outside better with the group. Inside is quieter, though.


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      1. re: barry

        cannot agree with the folks who say this is "great" italian. it's good italian. we had a horrible meal there (posted comment on opentable) where everything from dirty bathrooms (and i mean, really dirty) to cantankerous waitstaff ("that plate's not dirty, it's just old.") contributed to a one-star event. i will say that the flavors of the dishes we ordered (house salad, fish stew, and pasta with broccoli rape) were great. but the presentation was terrible and couldn't agree more with loriannkru -- inside is the way to go, if you go at all... my strong advice (from a NY'er who knows italian, old and new) is just avoid this and other restaurants in St. Marks square.

        Enoteca San Marco
        3355 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        1. re: bennycheeks

          Good review! Thanks. I like San Marco, I really do. Love their cavatappi with lamb ragu. Headed to Venetian tomorrow, I look forward to trying the rigatoni!

      2. We were just back in Vegas, visited Enoteca San Marco again, and have a few additions to the original review.

        General notes: Turns out the inside seating doesn't open until 6 p.m. so if you go for lunch, you're forced to live with the ruckus in the square. Silly.

        Would definitely recommend:
        Peas with proscuitto and mint. I didn't remember having seen these on the menu before, and turns out they weren't there, which is a good thing - they only offer it when peas are in season. I LOVE fresh peas, and these were done perfectly - just the right amount of mint, and a delicious proscuitto.

        Salad with octopus, potato, celery, holland chili in a bagna cauda dressing. We were wary of ordering this, because I'm not a fan of octopus if it's chewy, and frankly, I'm not a fan of the shape of some of the pieces - it weirds me out. But this octopus was FANTASTIC - super tender, and nice flavor. And the overall taste of the salad was spicy, which works for us. I highly recommend this because it's unusual AND delicious. Will definitely get it again.

        Updates on previous recommendations:
        We ordered the calzones again, and asked for a side of sauce to go with them since we thought that was missing. They gave us a nice, spicy pomodoro, which was perfect. So that solves that problem.

        The bucatini this time was good, but not as good. The full flavor was there, but this time, it felt like they were knocking me over the head with it - it lacked the nuance of last time, so keep that in mind before ordering it....might not be consistent every time. It's too bad - I won't be running back there for this again. It's too bad.

        Enoteca San Marco
        3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109