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Jan 12, 2010 12:51 PM

Restaurants in Washington, D.C.

My family will leave NYC to join the hoardes of vacationers in Washington, D.C. the third week of February. We're staying at 900 10th street NW, which, I believe is near the Convention Center. Suggestions for Vietnamese? Good Italian, Any "MUST GO TO" places, not exorbitant, for a family of foodies? (We will have a car.) Thanks.

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  1. For Vietnamese you will have to head to Clarendon or Cleaveland Park to Nam Viet, Rosslyn for Minh's or out further to Merrifield for Four Sisters, or to Present or the Eden Center.

    For Italian check out: Tosca, Bibiana, Siroc or Dino. I really like Dino for having a cosier more casual vibe. But the pastas at Tosca are really good. I also like Sonoma on Capitol Hill for Italian.

    If it isn't freezing cold you might check out the Eastern Market one morning- it is like a food market, flea market, artist market all wrapped into one.

    1. You are right around the corner from two "must go" places. Againn and Brasserie Beck. Againn is an Irish gastropub and Brasserie Beck is Belgian. I've taken my kids to both, so don't worry about that.

      Brasserie Beck can get pricey if you're not careful, but the food is very rich so you should not have to order much. The potato gratin with pork belly, the liver parfait, and the brussel sprouts are all good.

      At Againn, the corned beef is very good. I believe they have that Saturday nights.

      If you want to be a bit adventuresome:

      Oohs and Aahhs for soul food. A true hole-in-the-wall. There is a room upstairs to eat. Grilled shrimp, lemon pepper wings, and broiled crabcake are my favorites. Also, Thai X-ing is a unique place. Like eating in someone's apartment, only two tables. Everyone orders the red curry salmon. I also like the tofu soup and the pad kana.

      if you are willing to go out of your way, then do a search on this board for Eden Center in Falls Church, VA. A Vietnamese shopping center with over 23 restaurants. Enjoy.

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        Corduroy is over by the Convention Center and quite nice!

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          Thank you so much for Againn. Everything about the place was spot on. We had what I called the "Pig Platter" with pate, pork belly and ham, which was unbelieveable, the shepherd's pie, fish and chips, and ended with sticky toffee pudding served with stout ice cream. The service was terrific, and all four of us were delighted with our selections. Thanks, Steve.

          We also went to Granville Moore for their mussels and were blown away by the place. It was a good eating trip. Thanks!

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            Thanks for reporting back. It's god to know.
            I haven't been to Granville Moore's yet, but I 'll have to make it a priority!