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Jan 12, 2010 12:08 PM

Is there any place reminiscent of Casellula in NYC?

My favorite place in Manhattan is the cheese restaurant Casellula. They have about 45-50 different cheeses at any given time and each cheese comes with its own accompaniement. You could order dishes made with the cheeses or just have the biggest cheese plate you could want with a glass of wine. I think 5 of us devoured a 25 cheese plate one night! I have been to Pop Champagne in Pasadena & Palate in Glendale, both of which offered nice experiences, but nothing even close to Casellula. Does anyone have suggestions?

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  1. Cube on La Brea. Haven't been to Casellula, but based on your criteria I think this might do the trick. And their minimum availability of cheeses is more in the 75-85 region compared to Casullela's 45-50 range.