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Breakfast smoothies

So, in an effort to get our vitamins in (and to allow more time in the morning for hitting snooze, of course), we've got into the habit of making smoothies for breakfast, which we drink on the way to work.

So far, they've been all fruit-based---especially with oranges and bananas. I often add berries or some skim milk or plain yogurt. But as this is a habit I DON'T want to break, I want to shake things up and not let it get too boring. So! Inspired smoothie combos, anyone?

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  1. Yup! Most of my morning smoothies are spinach-based, if you can believe it. I don't love dairy OR bananas in smoothies, so the spinach thing is right up my alley. It doesn't taste "spinach-y" at all, just clean. My students (picky 8th and 9th graders) love it.

    For two:

    3-4 big handfuls of baby spinach
    2 cups water
    3-4 pitted dates (for sweetness and potassium)
    1 orange, peeled

    Then you add 2-4 cups of mixed fruit. Some combos I like are kiwi-pineapple, blueberry-ginger (grate the ginger first to avoid stringiness), strawberry-peach, raspberry-mango. I buy all the fruit from Sam's Club, either frozen (make sure it's unsweetened) or fresh. I tend to prefer simple flavor combos, although I will certainly have a strawberry-peach-mango-kiwi-blueberry-ginger smoothie on occasion. Oh! And fresh flat-leaf parsley or mint are also yummy additions -- and both parsley and mint are full of antioxidants.

    I prefer to sweeten smoothies with dates rather than artificial sweetener, since dates are naturally VERY sweet but are also a great source of potassium and other necessary nutrients.

    If you like a creamier texture, avocado is another amazing addition -- maybe half an avocado for two smoothies. Good fats galore! :)

    I know it sounds weird, but I promise it's delicious. The trick is to blend until VERY smooth. And put it in an opaque container unless you want to field questions about why you're eating pond scum. ;) I'm sure you can imagine how healthy it is -- you're getting at least 2 servings of veggies and at least 3 servings of fruit just by drinking it!

    If I want something creamy, I do a really simple smoothie like strawberries, honey/dates, and (homemade) almond milk.

    Dairy-free smoothies are especially good in the winter if you've got a cold or sinus stuff because they're not (ahem, sorry to be so graphic) mucogenic like dairy.

    Good luck! :)

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      Oh, thanks for the dates tip! I may have to ease into the spinach----once when we were first married I (ambitiously) made cream of spinach soup from scratch and it was, like, radioactive green. To Husband's deep fear and horror. (Though it tasted just fine). To this day he still reminisces about the Bright Green Soup...

      1. re: k.ts

        k.ts, I actually began with parsley instead of spinach for Green smoothies. Even just one handful is really adding a lot of nutrients, and baby spinach hardly has its own flavor. I guess the really hardcore green-smoothie folks do kale and lettuce. I'm not that brave. You can't cover up the cruciferous-veg flavor no matter how much fruit you put in it, IMO.

    2. Glad you started this, k.ts--I usually do the same old thing, Fage 0%, o.j., berries, banana and flax seed. I really need to branch out and saved this one involving apples & cucumbers (scroll down after you click on the link)....I figure I can EASE into veggie smoothies...haven't tried this one for Sweet Veggie Smoothie yet but plan to soon:

      1. This is not too original, but I really like plain whole fat yogurt (well, who doesn't?, but there is a very good local brand here that I buy), a frozen banana if I have one, or else an unfrozen one, a few ice cubes, about a tablespoon or so of peanut butter, and some honey or sugar. Coincidentally, I had some dates recently, and cut up some of them, but some of them seemed to ball up in little pieces at the bottom of my glass. If anyone has any advice on getting them not to do that, I'd be interested.

        1. Oh, and I meant to ask, I've always wanted to try an avocado shake. Could that be done with yogurt, and if so, what else would you add? Do you make it sweet? Any suggestions welcome.

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            Re: dates, the order of ingredients is essential -- the liquid (and in my case, spinach) and dates go in first, and get blitzed until completely, utterly, perfectly smooth. Then the citrus and other ingredients. The dates I get are extremely moist, but I've done it with much drier dates as well.

            IMO, yogurt is superfluous when you're dealing with avocado, because the avocado alone makes an incredibly creamy consistency. I would just do avocado and water or OJ, plus whatever fruit you want. Again, dates add natural sweetness. I think strawberries work especially well with avocado.

          2. I add flax oil for the Omega-3s. I also add slivered almonds. When I'm not feeling too healthy, I will do banana-cocoa (like the Vivanno smoothie at Starbucks) with vanilla extract. If I'm using berries, I like to also add a "dark" juice like black currant-pomegranate. I always include plain, fat-free yogurt and soy milk.

            1. I really like berry + yogurt smoothies (with added vanilla) or protein powder) but for something a little more filling, this smoothie i yummy:
              Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie - You can replace the soy milk with 1/2 c. yogurt and 1/2 c. milk

              You can also try a mango lassi.

              There are a couple of local cafes here that offer a drink called an Espressado. It's made of espresso, avocado, and condensed milk. Talk about a breakfast drink! I believe the recipe is probably similar to this one:

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                Mmmm, peanut butter and banana, HEAVENLY. Thanks, I think I'll try it. And the combo of avocado and espresso sounds really interesting too!

              2. I typically do the frozen berries-based smoothies, but I also looooove a chocolate peanut butter smoothie. I use PB2 powdered peanut butter product (SO good, so many fewer calories!), cocoa powder, a little sweetener (splenda or agave syrup, depending on my mood), ice cubes, and skim milk. Sometimes a little fat free/sugar free chocolate pudding powder if I want it to be extra creamy and thick.

                You'll think you've died and gone to Dairy Queen.

                Frozen strawberries and PB2 make an awfully good PBJ smoothie.

                Straight up peanut butter shake without the chocolate is pretty good, but I'm not a peanut butter purist, so I like to blend flavors.

                PB2 and banana would probably be excellent. If I liked bananas.

                1. -fat free yogurt and/or quark, cantaloupe or honeydew, honey or agave, lime juice... can serve with a crumbling of bacon on top :-)

                  -pineapple juice, pineapple, coconut, banana, ice

                  -green tea, banana, peach, honey

                  -kiwi, strawberry, banana, orange juice

                  -mango, blueberry, yogurt, bran cereal and/or flaxseed

                  -avocado, skim milk, wheat germ, oat bran, flaxseed

                  -pumpkin mash, lite cream cheese, chai tea brewed, plain yogurt

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                  1. re: Emme

                    oh my gosh, the last one: IT'S LIKE DRINKING PUMPKIN PIE. Mmmmm.

                  2. This topic is making me very sad this morning. My breakfast smoothie is sitting at home on the kitchen counter and I am at work. So not only have I wasted the ingredients and effort to make it, I had to go out and buy breakfast.

                    I drink the same smoothie all the time, but don't get bored. Work week breakfast is my least adventurous meal. Mine is vanilla yogurt, mixed berries, OJ, skim milk, ground flax and honey.

                    Never, ever any banana. That drives me crazy when I try to buy a smoothie. Most of the fruit versions include bananas and then I can't taste anything else.

                    1. Here's a recent thread on smoothies in which I posted a couple of ideas for using silken tofu in smoothies (instead of the yogurt, basically). It's awesome. Some other great ideas in the thread, too.