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Jan 12, 2010 11:41 AM

Do you find Winterlicious a rip-off?? Or is it just me.

Have gone to 6 restaurants over the last 2 years during Winterlicious and have been decidedly underwhelmed on all occasions. Went to Tutti Matti last year - all 4 of us had terrible food - fish was overcooked, pasta & soup were both tasteless and the cake was as dry as the desert & inedible - topped off by indifferent service. Had eaten at Tutti Matti on 5 other times and enjoyed it.
Ate at Mildred's Temple - food was fine but the portions were miniscule to say the least. I believe we paid more for the Winterlicious menu than I would have from their regular menu.

It seems that the Winterlicious participants find ways to charge their usual prices and in some cases, more than their menu prices by offering small portions or assembly-line food. Some also have the audacity to tack on their gratuity charge. I am not in the habit of giving a tip when the service is poor.
Anybody else's experiences??

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  1. I've been doing Winterlicious since it started. I would say it is defnitely hit and miss - and that you have a better chance of getting value at lunch. Some restaurants rise to the occasion (Canoe, Biffs, Boba, Corner House, Spice Room/ Manyata) while some definitely have been a rip-off (I once left the old Centro hungry and went for more food).

    I have scaled back my participation in the last couple of years because, in most cases, you don't get the same food that is on the regular menu.

    1. Went to Lai Toh Heen last year. Was OK, but it didn't blow me away. I will try some more this year and hope for hits.

      1. I had a good experience at Lai Toh Heen, both food and service fantastic. I can't recall what I paid but I remember feeling that it was good value.

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          My 'Licious lunch at Lai Toh Heen was one of the worst restaurant meals I'v had anywhere, anytime.

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            Further down you just posted about Lai Wah Heen serving you "inedible goo" for . Sorry I just have to check because I had such a good experience at my dinner at Lai Toh Heen --- was it at LWH or LTH that you had this worst meal ever anytime?

        2. I abandoned the 'licious events years ago for the reasons you stated: sub-par food and service in a chaotic environment. Too few places care enough to do it properly. The only positive that has come out of 'licious is that it has made other restaurants compete with their own value added menus. The experience at these places is usually better because the traffic they get is more manageable.

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            Can you give examples of these competing restos? thanks

          2. I find you have to be very very picky with Winterlicious selections.

            I go to Beerbistro almost every year and always have a great time. Good food, never rushed and at $25 for dinner, its a steal.