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Jan 12, 2010 11:32 AM

Bozo's Gooood

finally made it out there to that crazy clusterfrak of u-turns and traffic lights. hit Bozo's for lunch after hearing so much about their fried erster poboys. and...was very, very pleased.

the breading on the oysters is the gritty cornmeal variety, which i am usually not crazy about. but here it works. the flavor of the whole thing is almost sweet & salty at the same time. loved it. sweet potato fries were fine but not as good as The Store's, on gravier in the CBD, which is reigning champion. but the service also really stood out at Bozo's -- despite a busy lunch crowd everyone was friendly and gracious, from the hostess to the bartender to a cook on his smoke break outside.

will mosdef return.

has anyone tried the "stuffed crab po-boy with creole sauce"? im interested in how exactly its done.

Bozo's Restaurant
3117 21st St, Metairie, LA 70002

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  1. well done ! to the adventuresome go the rewards. first time i went, was ready to park a block away and hoof it in. u right about the cluster....

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    1. re: brucec

      Bozos is great try the fried catfish pretty good along with the chicken gumbo

    2. My hands down favorite oyster poboy.

      1. We were in town for a friends hospital stay and were looking for a place to eat. I had heard about Bozo's on several food boards and since it was close we decided to stop by for supper. First off I'll have to say we were very dissapointed in the food at Bozo's. I hade a catfish dinner and my partner had a catfish po-boy. The filets were small and their was more cornmeal than catfish, I've had better fried catfish at some of the casino buffets. We have been hitting alot of the local establishments during our stay in Metairie recently and Bozo's was the most dissapointing!

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        1. re: stvtunlvzn

          Then you wouldn't like Middendorf's either. Stick with the farm raised that you're used to at the AYCE buffet.