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Jan 12, 2010 11:27 AM

Need a Non-Spicy Dish or Two at China Village

Going to CV with someone who finds even ketchup spicy. I tend to order all pretty spicy dishes, except for the fish soup, cabbage and bamboo shoots. What are some other good bets on the less-fiery side?

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  1. A favorite is hand-cut noodles with seafood, available either in a broth (back page of the menu) or as chow mien. Tofu and seafood clay pot (and some of the other clay pots). Loofah dishes are unusual and fun. The duck dishes that are spicy can probably be ordered without peppers.

    1. The stir fired rice cake dishes (either with crab or pork) are great and not at all spicy (more ginger and wok char flavored).

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        By the way, we ordered the Crab with rice cakes and it was a big hit -- it is now part of our regular rotation at CV.

      2. When I go with my daughter she always gets the orange chicken. It is much better here than at the typical chinese restaurant and I even eat a little, even though I am there for the spicy stuff. I love the fish soup and the twice-cooked fish fillets.

        1. the braised pork leg is a favorite of ours but it's a large portion - need a few folks or you'll have a lot of leftovers ( not the worst situation )