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Jan 12, 2010 10:26 AM

Beef Tendon in Manhattan?

I've been on a big beef tendon kick ever since the weather turned cold. Sripraphai in Queens set the bar high on a recent visit, with many large, chewy tendon pieces immersed in a simple sweet-savory dark broth. A few Chinatown pho joints have satisfied my cravings since, but I've often found the tendon to broth (or tendon to tripe) ratio lacking and the broth itself bland. Does anyone have any recommendations in Manhattan (I like the outer boroughs, but traveling there isn't feasible during the week for me) for must-try beef tendon dishes? I prefer Asian preparations (doesn't necessarily have to be pho/soup), but will certainly branch out for a superior dish. Thanks.

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  1. 1st time I ever had was at Momofuku Ssam Bar. with green mango and peanuts. delicious.

    1. Well, this is a cold dish, but a lot of the Szechuan restaurants have beef tendon with spicy sauce in the appetizer section of menus.

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        Yep, Szechuan Gourmet has a decent version -- very generous portion for an appetizer, steeped in chili oil.

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          Fuqi feipian is one of my favorite foods. Wa Jeal makes an interesting version of it.