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Jan 12, 2010 10:11 AM

Palm Springs for Valentine's Day...Suggestions?

I have been desperately searching for a trendy, upscale restaurant to go to on Valentine's Day in Palm Springs. My husband and I will be there on vacation. So far here is what I am thinking...Citron or Tropicale?? Copley's gets awesome reviews, but it looks a little boring. We would like to find somewhere that is a bit more adventurous. The type of food really doesn't matter, but there must be good drinks! Any ideas?? Thanks!!

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  1. The Falls prime steakhouse in Palm Springs.

    1. I too want Palm Desert?Rancho Mirage for VD but I don't want upscale or expensive. I need something like Cheesecake Factory type (kid friendly) food & prices but won't go there since they don't take reservations. I thought I would go to Shame on the Moon but they are booked. Any ideas?

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        We loved BluEmber @ the Rancho Las Palmas Resort. They have patio seating, twinkle lights in the trees, live music and great food and service. :)

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          looks and sounds wonderful based on their website but too expensive for what we are looking for. VD menu is $75.
          I don't really want a burger joint but it has to be kind of kid friendly (no sushi) and inexpensive. I realize that this is a hard night to go out.

      2. It's not trendy but Le Vallauris is one of the best restaurants in Palm Springs and one of my all time fave's..
        Citron would be my second choice.

        1. Two ideas:

          1) Tommy Bahama's -Fun place, great drinks and atmosphere. it will be crowded though for Valentine's day. It is in Palm Desert.

          2) Elephant Bar-In Palm Desert, off of highway 111. Very reasonable prices and very kid friendly. They have great drinks and it is a fun place to go.


          1. We ended up going to Trio in Palm Springs. Had a pretty good meal--they had a fixed price deal for V.D. Although it wasn't great, I cut them some slack because it was so crazy busy. I'd go back.