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Jan 12, 2010 10:09 AM

Need good food and good spot for Ravens game Saturday (Baltimore)

Hi all,
I'm looking for a spot like the following, where a friend and I can have dinner and then watch the Ravens game on Saturday night:
- Good food: there has to be a bar/resto with great food where you can also watch a game
- Decent wine is a plus but not mandatory
- Not so crowded for a game that we'll be devoid of personal space
- Downtown: Fells, Fed Hill, Canton, Locust Point
- We're single women in our mid-thirties so we'd like to avoid the fresh-out-of-college crowd

Has anyone tried The Reserve in Fed Hill? Their menu looks really good but I know nothing about it. Anyway, I appreciate any recommendations you may have!


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  1. My wife and I actually had a great dinner at Peter's Inn during a Ravens playoff game once -- the game was on a TV behind the bar.

    1. You're right to think that The Reserve seems to fit your bill, but on a Saturday night it will be crawling with your fresh-out-of-college crowd. I live nearby and it took my wife and me a few trips by to finally go inside for dinner. Word is the are planning on opening more space upstairs, which could help alleviate the situation, but for now weekends are pretty much off limits.

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        eikoh - good to know, thank you! I'll try it during the week...

      2. For better or for worse (and I think for worse), many restaurants have flat screen TVs so you don't have to find a sports bar. If you're willing to venture a bit further north to Mt. Vernon, Sammy's Trattoria might be a good bet. They have a bar at the front with a TV mounted above it, and they will have the game on. TV can be viewed from some, but certainly not all of the tables, so you may want to call to see if you can reserve a specific table (or have meal at the bar). Consistently good food and nice wine, and definitely not a fresh-out-college scene.

        1. I second Sammy's...good food, very fairly priced and a nice atmosphere. Parking in the area is iffy but they have valet parking for a reasonable charge.

          1. I haven't been (but they're on my list) to either, but from what I've heard, the Field House (in Can Company where Ray Lewis Full Moon BBQ was) is a good new spot for game watching and also Blue Hill Tavern.