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Jan 12, 2010 08:55 AM

french wine jokes?

My husband has been tapped to give the commentary on some French wines at the next meeting of our food and wine group. Besides giving the expose, we thought it would be nice to lighten the discussion with a joke or two but both of us are coming up blank. Does anyone know a (clean) joke about French wines, wine or food and wine in general, ...or maybe about the French? (My husband is French origin so the last can't be anything too disparaging about the French). Thanks!

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  1. Un vagabond frappe à la porte d´une ferme.
    - J´ai soif, dit-il à la fermière.
    - Attendez, fait celle-ci. Je vais à la cuisine vous chercher un grand pot d´eau.
    - Pardon, proteste le miséreux. Je vous ai dit que j´avais soif, pas que j´étais sale.

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      Here's the Google translation:
      A tramp knocked at the farmhouse door. - I'm thirsty, "he said to the farmer. - Wait, did it. I go to the kitchen you find a large pot of water. - Sorry, protesting the poor. I told you I was thirsty, I was not dirty.

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        I hope the link below works, but it's from a picture on a blog called, "the wine digger," taken in Jura. It fits quite nicely with the joke: