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Jan 12, 2010 08:04 AM

Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts Food Eating Challenges

Ok heres the deal, I'm looking to find some food challenges in the area that I can go to and hopefully conquer. I will be filming this so I will need some good places to visit. I know of a couple here in Connecticut such as "The San Diego Chicken Sub Challenge in Fairfield, CT at Whats Cooking. I also know of Bang Bang Pizzeria in Norwalk which I will be going to tonight. The last one I know of is Black Bear Saloon. "The Grizzly Bear Challenge" in White Plains. I need some more, I would like to find one or two that include eating extremely hot wings and stuff like that. Please Help me out and I will Credit you in the video.

Thank you

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        no unfortunately not, I wish, cause I think I could take down everything that Adam has and it just seems like a great job. I would like to start my own little show, not that I think it will go anywhere, but you will never until you try. Mine will have a few twists on it and will be different.

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        1. eagles deli in cambridge mass. ranging from 1lb burger and 1lb of fries to the 5lb burger and 5lbs of fries. Texas roadhouse has the 72 ounce steak challege too which is quite the big steak.

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          1. Flipside Burger in Fairfield has two types of eating challenges, that I've heard of. Both deal with HEAT. The first is a burger with ghost chilies and the second is wings with ghost chili sauce... Am not certain about time limits, but did hear it wasn't easy!