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Jan 12, 2010 07:58 AM

Strip T's: Horrible Name, Good Food

Me and the BF went to dinner at Strip T's in Watertown last night after I read a review on Yelp and perhaps Hidden Boston? We recently moved to West Newton and wanted to venture out of Moody Street for dining options...

The food was delicious, fresh, no frills and cheap. On Monday's you get 10% off the check between 5-9pm-- which is another great reason to go. Cute decor with maybe 10 small tables in the 'dining room' and a small bar/coffee area when you walk in.

We each had a glass of wine, soup (sausage/kale-- very good), ceasar salad (good), onion rings (yum) and the tilapia burrito and blackened tilapia with mango salsa. Add in a cup of coffee and total came to $42. The food was surprisingly good- def fresh/homemade and after too much frou-frou and astronomical prices at so many restaurants these days...such a nice change of pace. Don't get me wrong- I love my high-end dining experiences...but on a cold winter's night when you can't face the kitchen and you just want a simple meal? This will be a place we will return to.

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  1. Glad to hear this. You unknowingly chose from their strong suits -- soup, salad and fish. They are (in my experience) pretty consistently strong on those and quite a bit less so on meat and chicken. Their F&C are very tasty. They are also very nice people which makes for a pleasant dining experience.

    1. I like this place, too, yet we don't go very often. I used to get their wraps at lunchtime fairly often and they were consistently good. Also like the unpretentious and nice people who work there.


      1. I can also recommend their sweet potato fries, which actually taste like sweet potatoes and are not greasy, and I have a particualr yen for their steak teriyaki wrap. I eat and/or take out from there quite a bit and have never had anything that wasn't freshly prepared from quality ingredients. It is also fun to eat there because the owner and staff are so friendly and funny. When I take friends there, they want to know why they haven't known about it before.

        1. Completely agree with the OP. This place has a remarkably terrible name, and a nice menu that seems totally at odds with a place called "Strip T's" (which sounds to me more like a sports bar). Have had several nice meals there before shows at New Rep.

          1. reasonably priced good food and service, tho' atmosphere is forgettable.