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Jan 12, 2010 07:54 AM

Sonic or Five Guys?

I am thinking of taking a drive, both are about 20 miles from me. Which should I try?

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  1. That depends if you are going for burgers, fries, tots or for beverages...

    1. It really depends what you're in the mood for. They're not really comparable. FiveGuys has a limited menu of burgers and fries (and hot dogs) where you can choose the toppings tand they make it fresh in front of you. Sonic's sandwiches are eh, but they have great drinks and desserts. And tater tots. They are a drive-in, with carhops.

      1. Five Guys. The burgers are so much better and the fries are excellent. Just be sure to dump the fries out of the stryfoam cup and into the bag (don't close it, though or they will get soggy).

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          I didn't see this post when I posted. Thank you!

        2. I'm in the mood for a good burger AND a good drink. I just looked at both menus online and I see the differences. So five guys has the better burger? Which drink should I get from Sonic? I think I may just go to sonic, seems crazy to go five guys for such a limited menu. Maybe I will wait until I am in the area and go to five guys. I really didn't expect them both to be good, considering they are fast food places. I guess I should say I don't expect them to be REAL good.

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            For me the food is more important than the drink - so 5 guys wins hands down.

            If you find youself at sonic order one of the limeaid flavors they are really good.

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              When you order the burger at Sonic, ask for it to be on Texas Toast (no extra charge). Seems to taste better that way...

              As far as a Sonic beverage depends on your mood. Apparently best seller is Cherry Limeade, but as you can see, there is such a variety...depends on your mood.

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                ok, will do. Thank you for the information.

              2. re: LuluTheMagnificent

                Five Guys isn't fast food in the traditional sense. They're not the centimeter-thick burgers you get at the McD's/BK's/Wendy's of the world and it's not pre-prep, drop'em on the stove, wrap em like the above, either. I'd call them the burger equivalent of, say, Panera Bread. Reviews are mixed, but if you like a good burger you probably won't be too disappointed in Five Guys. Specialization seems to be one way to go of late for these type of places.

              3. I have decided to go to five guys. I am going to head out now. I am in the mood for a good burger and it is "only" 14 miles and sonic is 22 miles. I may try sonic on the weekend or early next week, those drinks do sound good. It feels weird to drive 22 miles for cherry-lime aide though. lol. But I have been couped up and need to get out!

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                  Sonic does have their own "happy hour" with half-priced drinks from 2-4.