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Freezing in Chicago: Need Comfort Food

Tired of chili, spaghetti and meatloaf.

I'm thinking chicken and dumplings, goulash, braised beef in beer with some nice gruyere covered croutons. Duck with olives maybe?

What are you making these days?

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  1. Also in Chicago: Recent "comfort" dinners have included
    -homemade turkey soup (from the carcas remaining from NY Day dinner)
    -chicken curry
    -chicken with tortellini in porcini mushroom cream sauce.

    Dinner tonight is beef stew.

    (Cheer up, the temperature is supposed to approach 32 today.)

    1. Two current favorites: beef braised with onions and red peppers in tomatoes and harissa, and chorizo, red peppers and chickpeas stewed in tomatoes with a poached egg. Beef goes on couscous, while the chickpeas are served with crusty bread.

      1. Enchiladas, beef stew (lots of onions and dark beer), bean and barley soup.

        1. Yes! Enchiladas with chicken and green chile sauce.
          Minestrone and a side of focaccia
          creamy risotto with porcini mushrooms and taleggio cheese
          shepherd's pie with root veggie puree
          red wine braised lamb shanks and mashed potatoes
          choucroute!!! (i had a delicious one with 5 different cuts of pork in Belgium)
          french onion soup
          swiss cheese fondue

          1. In the last couple of weeks, it's been freezing here in NC. I've cooked a giant pot of ham & smoked sausage gumbo (froze half for later) , some slow cooker Italian turkey sausage & pasta in sauce, chicken noodle soup, baked chicken simmered in home made roasted poblano & tomatillo sauce (with fresh fried tortilla chips) and country fried steak with mashed & gravy.

            Tomorrow it's going to be smoked gouda mac & cheese.

            1. Recently I've made stroganoff, a batch of pinto beans, and stewed chicken in tomatoes (with Mexican flavors). I must have meat, and I must have it hot, in the middle of winter ... what can I say. Oh, and I made LindaWhit's chicken with potatoes, garlic, and maple syrup (yum).

              1. I am also freezing in Chicago and recommend Tortellini Soup. Make a nice beef stock, strain it through a colander, add a lot of canned tomatoes and tomato puree and a jar of marinara sauce, season it with garlic and tons of basil, and cook in it a package or two of frozen tortellini (Jewel carries them), either cheese or meat as you prefer. When you eat it, strew a lot of grated Parmesan around and get some Turano bread. This makes a nice hearty soup that will get you through the season.

                1. I finally cracked open the last of my spaghetti squashes, m/w'd it for a few minutes, shredded out the insides and stir-fried them with sausage, parsley, some parmigiano and tons of garlic. Put a layer of mozzarella cheese in the bottom of the shell, then put the insides back in. Topped it with more mozzarella & parmigiano and parsley and then popped it under the broiler to get all melty and a little browned...

                  Next up, Chicken Cacciatora from the COTM...

                  1. Chicken pot pie is good. Roast the chicken in the oven first to warm up the kitchen. I confess to using a store bought pie crust but the filling is home made.

                    1. Here in frozen CT, I just made red beans and rice and I am planning a chicken etoufee. Maybe I should change that to chicken and dumplings as I have never made that and it is on my list of recipes to try in 2010.

                      1. I like a beer based beef stew, chicken curry, and kale, kielbasa, tortellini soup. Lately I've also really enjoyed the Lamb & Yellow Split Pea stew on Epicurious. (and I've done it with both lamb and beef) as well as the Veal & Tomato Ragout from Epicurious (and I've done that with chicken as well).

                        And since all my comfort foods are light on veggies, my favorite winter salad involves tearing up some kale, sprinkling with goat cheese and a splash of balsamic vin, and then sautéing lots of red onion till nice and soft and caramelized and tossing the hot onion on the salad. If I'm really feeling the chill, I might even saute the kale ever so briefly to wilt, but usually just keep it raw.

                        1. I have very varied tastes when it comes to comfort food. Usually, when it comes to a snowy, cold Sunday in Chicago, I make Indian Food.

                          1. It's freezing up in here in Toronto too. Some favourite comfort foods:
                            Double-Dutch Mac & Cheese With Chard - It's also good with kale or spinach or without the greens.
                            French Chicken in a Pot (America's Test Kitchen)
                            Winter Three-Grain Soup
                            Lisa's Prize-Winning Noodle Kugel
                            Cinnamon Rolls With a Cream Cheese Dough (Saveur)

                            1. You are all an Inspiration!!! I need to get busy...

                              1. In the past couple of frigid weeks i've made:
                                French onion soup
                                Braised short ribs
                                The most incredible fish/corn chowder
                                Lamb bolognese

                                1. NJ winters, ugh...although today the windchill was tolerable.
                                  Ovens on and I'm roasting just about anything not tied down: pears, apples, root veggies for meals all month.
                                  Baking cookies, tea breads, yeast rolls and chicken pot pies
                                  Plan ahead meals like onion soup, carrot & ginger soup, mac n cheese, meatballs and sausage.

                                  Cold weather = comfort food!!